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A new piece of Bedroom Furniture!

While we did not have any plans of purchasing bedroom furniture, as soon as I stepped foot into the entryway at Hobby Lobby, this piece of furniture instantly spoke to me! And that's how they get you... They put all the goodies up front! A very nice staff member set it aside and so I gave the hubby a ring to see what his thought was, and it was a go!

It was meant to be, because it JUST fit into our trunk! Honestly, we weren't totally sure where we were going to place it, we had a couple ideas but was not set on anything. Usually I am the type I need to know where it's going to go before I purchase something bigger, but I knew no matter what this was going to be a piece that we would no regret purchasing. This piece is great for storage and let's be real... It's character is awesome!  After bringing it home, and talking about what ideas we have in the near future for rooms, we decided our bedroom was the best fit.

While our bedroom holds that rustic feel with walnut wood and color, this piece is also Walnut with black slates on the outside of each drawer. At some point in the near future I would like to redo our bedroom furniture to Antique White and with newly painted hardware to match. Prior, we had a cushioned bench with some cubes for storage, but our new multi-storage piece completed the space so much better! It allowed the space to feel less crowded because of it's narrow width, but also gave us the storage we needed, which in my book is a SCORE! We had a garland left over from Christmas decorating, as well as some other odds and ends that I recently purchased for our room that we are currently renovating. And because it's not done yet why not just use them now?! I used multiple items such as: White old books with greens from a local fall festival, and the black metal lantern house from Hobby Lobby, which I love because I can do so many things with it! The candles we already had.

Thanks for Reading friends!!

Categories: Interiors, Adding design, Changing it up, Cozy, Decorating, Farmhouse style, Simple | Posted: 12/17/2018

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