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Autumn "making the most with what you have"

Have some ideas for fall decorating outside, but have a smaller space to work with? Well guess what, we relate!

I wanted to do something different this year with the space, something more DIY involved. Of course while loving the shabby-chic and rustic style, I combined the two!
In doing so, my husband and I came across a roadside stand one day while running errands.... And we fell in love with it!
There were bountiful amounts of pumpkin colors/sizes, gourds, corn stalks, and mums.

Here are the end results!

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As you can see the space I had to work with is not significant, and that's ok. There are many things you can do to create a space that is eye-catching and inviting at the same time. 

To tie in 2 different favorite styles of mine I added: A well used, rustic apple basket bought at a yard sale for $2! I did not stain or make any changes to it, because I really adore the old character. To add contrast I added a light colored apple basket, a beautiful blueish, green pumpkin that lies on top of 4 stems of greens. Incorporating some pop of color, I applied Sharpie Gold pen where I then wrote "Fall."

Some things I already had sitting around that I used were, the wooden crate, and pumpkin & Spice sign.There are times when I am shopping and I find things I really want, but question what am I going to do with it, or where am I going to put it?? Well guess what, sometimes it's just good to get what you really like and make use of it in times like these! Sometimes those items are the perfect fit when changing your decor.

Not quite sure how you would like to decorate your space (possibly a limited space) for the season? Contact me for a consultation and I'd love to help!  You can also follow my Instagram : bk_interiordecorating

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