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Decorations you use speak volume!

Hi there!

Following the Holidays I was excited to refresh our living space with some new decor! One piece  that was used was a gift given to me from a good friend of ours, and I fell in love. There are endless amount of people out there who are so talented and can create many neat things, such as paintings that can incorporate just one simple word, a phrase or even a meaningful symbol of who they are.


GATHER is a super important word to me!

Between Family and Friends, I think it is a beautiful sight when we are all gathered in a cozy home, whether it's sharing a tasty meal, playing some games or just catching up on the latest in life! The best part of home decor is that there are endless opportunities to use your decor in ways that  speak volume to those of whom walk inside your home. It makes it even more special!

Previously, situated on-top of the shelf were some Christmas decorations. I wanted a  simple, but refreshing look! I added two small fern stems inside two  bottles in order to balance each side, and then I added the (other) matching bottle and a handcrafted bottle wrapped in twine, of course, on either side of my sign!

Don't feel you need to overdecorate or crowd the space, sometimes the most simple decor is the most comfortable and inviting style. Get creative, and if need be do your research by getting some ideas online. There are more of them than you could ever dream!

But also know, I would love to help you out with your own home decorating! Not sure how you would like to refresh your area? Or want to get some decor that does speak volume, but not exactly sure what? Please send me an email, and then we can have a consult over a hot cup of coffee!


Categories: Plants, Interiors, Adding design, Changing it up, Cozy, Decorating, Interior Design | Posted: 01/07/2018

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