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A quick and easy desk space uplift!

I unfortunately don't have a picture from before the project, but that's fine, because in the near future this space will permanently  get a whole new makeover! This space was untouched for the past 2 years, so it needed a quick renew before...... I start Physical Therapy Assistant school in January!

The area first started out as: an empty tan painted wall, with my husband's desk, and our bookcase occupying the floor space. A quickly set-up table was added in-between so that we can sit side-by-side when doing work!

New desk area! New desk area!

Here is how I created this work space!

  1.  Wanting to set up a dedicated work-space which ensures I have a space that suits my needs and the ability to get the best out of this area.
  2. My goal was to create a space that was not overly expensive, so I used items I already had. I used meaningful pieces from our wedding as well as buying a couple items at TJ Maxx + Home Goods where I find things overall reasonably priced.
  3. Adding mixed types of decor to establish a fun and meaningful, yet productive space.

I am constantly am asked what method I used to create this Wall college... MY ANSWER? Just start hanging items where they fit!

The Gallery Wall

  • Start out with your middle object (I started with the Ceramic wall flower), then work your way around the object.
  • Lay out items out on the ground and rearrange until you LOVE the finished look. Don't feel obligated to use items that you purchased when they don't fit right. If you don't feel completely sure, don't force it! It is also a good idea to make a couple runs to the store to add items to the collage as needed. (I did multiple times)
  • Measure the distance of the middle object to the bottom of the design. Use that measurement to determine where you want the bottom of your gallery wall idea to rest on. Then go upward to where your middle object needs to be hung. I however, did not measure. I didn't because I think when items are placed in specific, predetermined spacing around the focus point. It takes away from the fun and interesting feel! The focus point is the most import part, the other items surrounding at different heights and angles make it pop, catching attention!

The Desk

I find my (temporary) desk so meaningful and inviting! What makes me say that is......

  • Getting that urge to push past my "not wanting to work" days. I used unique shabby-chic picture frames filled with pictures of my husband and I.
  • My useful objects are: a grey re-purposed London clock, an awesome storage compartment that two wired baskets occupy. And of course, my monogrammed coffee cup filled with office supplies!
  • Warm and Cozy: a sweet smelling Cranberry Teak candle was addend, and a pot filled with various succulent plants to create that lively touch.

Overall I am in love with this space I created within 48 hours as a temporary space, until this whole room gets a new makeover! I always look forward to using this space studying and working for what will be hours. That is because I feel at ease, comfortable, and it encourages me to be strong-willed to be constructive and use my time well.

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