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Simply Succulents

Succulents, with their impressive forms, unusual colors, and easy care, are becoming progressively an important design component in many areas of the home such as gardens, as well as inside the house. While they are popular, many people are still unaware of these amazing plants that offer so much.They are a great way to brighten up your home and living space. There are ample amount of ways to incorporate them in your home. Succulents can be used in endless ways in your home such as: Hanging plants, a main focus point in your living space (like living room, sun room, office), also on your windowsills, table, a big open space in corners, and the list can go on! When you do plan to buy a plant(s), be sure to research on the types you are planning to buy as there are over 10,000 types!

These unique plants can be planted in mass, as varieties in gardens, or presented in containers. They have a wide variety to offer to Gardeners, landscapers, as well to in home interior decorators/ designers.

Here are a couple tips for keeping their compelling shape, and color:

  • Pick a more dry, warm and sunny climate for your Succulents, keep note that they don't do well in the humidity.
  • If your using a pot, use more chunky, easy draining soil. (There are special potting mixes sold specifically for succulents)
  • In the ground, succulents like very little acidic soil.
  • *** Appropriate watering will assure the best growth and blooming.

Categories: Flowers, Outdoors, Decorating, Interior Design | Posted: 08/20/2015

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