Want a certain feel for your room? Use these palettes for some inspiration!

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Thinking of repainting your room? Do you have an idea for a certain feel for your space but aren't confident with making a decision of combination or individual colors? Start by choosing beautiful palettes for your next design!

Global with some kick:
Rich, romantic sentiments that is balanced by earth-like, calm neutrals. You've got a vast volume of color right in front of your eyes,

Marshy cool:
This calm palette speaks with inspiration from the soothing sand, sea, and ripples of the lakeside. Refreshing blues, lush grassy greens, grey stained rocks all help to construct a new crisp and cool feeling that entices strolling through wonders as well as a feel of luxury.

Rustic urbane:
Ever dreamed or wanted to move and live on a beautiful country side ranch, located in the northern parts of Tennessee? Custom create that perception by deciding  simple neutral palette influenced by low-key tans, taupe's, reassuring rustic grey's, and clean creams.

The soft side:
While brighter accents spurt when mixed with the natural palettes... the grey's create a fresh scenery for the pastel pinks, purples, yellows,greens and blues.

Color me happy:
Vigorous, immense contrasts and bright colors show off the inventive art blaze.



Categories: Adding design, color!, Decorating, Interior Design | Posted: 10/18/2015