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Switching out your old outdoor light fixtures

One way to increase the curb appeal of your home and make your home safer is to replace those old light fixtures with a bright, and stylish light. That could be replacing ones by your front door, at the side of an entryway, or a light pole… You can easily do this yourself!

For our home, the pre existing, outdoor light-fixtures we had were literally about to fall off. They were so badly rusted that Peter had to break some of the screws in half in order to get the old fixture down. We actually think they were the originals when the house was built, which was 1976!!! Yikes is right!



With Summer starting now, it was time to replace them. We waited and waited because we knew this would be a more costly purchase, being that we needed four lights. We searched and finally found the right fixture to fit our home! We wanted more unique and not the typical “barn light” that’s popular right now (nothing against that)! We wanted something easy to clean when needed to, something that was appealing, unique and also being the right color to go along with the house. Thanks to Amazon, we found exactly what we were looking for and it was a twin pack. SCORE!!!!!! So we purchased two, and in the future we will replace the light fixture by our patio door, but that one is still in good shape for now!

P.S. In the picture below I was so excited they arrived a day earlier than expected!!!!!!

I can’t believe we bought these lights for really $35.97 each, they are so beautiful and are great quality. I couldn’t find anything else with this similar style for less than $40 each, hey it’s a $5 difference per light but that still adds up. We are very happy with these lights from Amazon!

Supplies needed:

  • Power drill / Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Outdoor light fixture with hardware and instructions (Here is the link to the light fixture we purchased)
  • Electrical tape
  • Caulk gun (highly recommend)

Installing the light fixture:

  1. BEFORE removing existing light, turn off the circuit breaker on your service panel.
  2. Replace mounting bracket -> The new light fixture should come with the mounting hardware.
  3. Wire the outdoor light -> Included in instructions that come with fixture
  4. Caulk – used as a precaution for bees building nests, and water entering the home where the hole was.
  5. Install the new fixture, then light on top of it.
  6.  Turn electricity back on, and test that it works as expected.

Previously, the fixtures had a 60 watt twist light bulb, they were replaced with NEW 60 watt clear bulbs and they give off a great amount of light for our front porch and walkway, as well as outside our garage. The old were so dim, and didn’t give off much light at all, one of our front porch lights wasn’t grounded, so we actually had a fire hazard that we didn’t realize! But again we haven’t touched those lights since my husband first moved in…. so it was time!!!

So sorry for the ugly caulking around the doors, obvs the previous owners didn’t care, and just slapped it on there… GRRRRR. In the future we plan to put all new siding, and trim on, but for now we are doing the little things first. ūüôā Happy Summer y’all! And happy outdoor projects!!!

Small Tweaks To Make Your Kitchen Feel New!

There are endless options out there to change the look of your kitchen! I would like to share with you some small tweaks we have made to our kitchen, and it made a world of a difference!

   1. Paint Cabinets- When your watching closely at the budget, replacing cabinets may not be an option. However a good coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets can make them look brand new. Sanding and filing in any holes with wood filler will instantly make them look new. I encourage you to go with a new color, a color that will lighten your space and speaks about you!

¬† ¬†2. Replacing hardware –¬†Even the slightest change, like changing out the hardware can make a vast difference. Everything from drawer pulls to cabinet knobs, hinges etc. can brighten up the interior space of your kitchen. If you previously had a darker color, change it to a silver or bronzed. Combining this with a new coat of paint, and your guests will think you to your kitchen remolded! If you feel you don’t feel comfortable or have tools of doing this, contact friends or family, it’s not an overly complicated task.

*** This was the most recent that we did, and we are so happy we chose to change out the hardware! Such a small project to do, that made a significant difference!

¬† ¬† 3. Adding a coat of paint –¬†I think I have mentioned it a couple times already, a little paint goes a long way. I encourage you to go with a really well quality paint. I have always gone¬† with Behr paint, and don’t regret it! Although it may be a little more pricier, I think it’s¬† worth the outcome!

¬† ¬† ¬†4. Switching out a lighting fixture –¬†New and upgraded lighting fixtures are a great focus point for many rooms. Once the new paint is applied to the walls, and cabinets and new hardware is placed, and changing out even one light fixture (you don’t have to change all) can ideally make the space look totally different. Ideally the light that sits above your table is a vast piece and catches most of the population. Not only does lighting serve as a functional use, it serves as a decorative touch.

       5. Switching out decor!

Let me know what you think! Or if you have any questions regarding your kitchen, please contact me!

I can create that dream nursery!


You find out you’re having your first baby!!!! You’ve already been storming ideas of where your going to buy your cute baby clothes, those sweet cuddles reading stories, fun toys, and those warm fuzzy blankets! But there is one thing your struggling with….. Deciding how to design your nursery?? There are endless options to create your baby’s room, which can be overwhelming. I want to lessen that stress and time, contact me! I would love to help construct that gorgeous nursery! Whether that includes designing the whole space, or just those extra little specs¬†to complete the room to make it what¬†you have always dreamed of for your first newborn!




Wax Warmers for your everyday!

Candles for so long were the top treatment for spreading those sweet smelling fragrances around in people’s homes. Well, over the past couple years, there were these awesome established products called Electric wax Warmers!

Cozy up your space with a warmer.

Cozy up your space with a warmer.

Wax warmers are wonderful because, they give off a considerably big radius of scents around your home, and the best part is… You can switch it up by buying endless options of wax scents or you can make your very own easily to make the cost lessened.¬†Have any young children, pets, or elderly in the home? If you said yes, no worries the benefit to owning a wax warmer, you can enjoy the relaxing good smelling fragrances in your home without worrying about open flames.¬†Wax warmers come in all shapes and sizes.They also are very easy to use, usually there is a heat source (which is used as a light bulb) in the warmer that is plugged in. A small dish that sits on top of the warmer is used for the wax to sit in and melt allowing those reassuring scents to give off in the air, it’s so simple! After use of the wax warmer, cleaning up is pretty simple. A little soap and warm water will remove the wax from the dish, leaving your warmer ready for the next scent you choose to use.


Warmer detail.

Questioning where you can buy one of these wonderful products? Your basic stores carry them, such as: Kmart, Walmart, Target, amazon online, Ebay and the list goes on.

News ideas for using wax warmers: Flame less wax warmers are not only used as a source of adding that satisfying delightful scent, but it can be used as a simple decorative piece that gives off a pretty glow in many places in your home. They come in various colors, styles, shapes and designs on the warmers. Feeling inspired to purchase one of these? There are a good measure of resources online to help guide you.


Have a bunch of extra frames gathering dust?

Unoccupied shabby chic, vintage, or modern frames are modern interior decorating trends that influence an experimental yet artistic wall decoration idea. From the frame sizes, styles, and colors, the variations makes the home’s interior appear unique, inviting, and captivating.

Using picture frames in common, unique shapes, diverse sizes, and colors grouped together offer lively wall ideas for modern home interior. Gather those extra picture frames that are collecting dust, or empty out those frames that clutter your home. They are a superb, low- cost material, and you can use your imagination as there is no guidebook to it! Whether that means using the stairway steps as measurement for a certain placement or set up of the frames being put up on the wall, or arranging the frames in a unique style to your personal taste like pictured above.

Vintage, Shabby Chic frames are notably impressive, adding that eye catching principle that will create in your space a lively perception.