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Small Tweaks To Make Your Kitchen Feel New!

There are endless options out there to change the look of your kitchen! I would like to share with you some small tweaks we have made to our kitchen, and it made a world of a difference!

   1. Paint Cabinets- When your watching closely at the budget, replacing cabinets may not be an option. However a good coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets can make them look brand new. Sanding and filing in any holes with wood filler will instantly make them look new. I encourage you to go with a new color, a color that will lighten your space and speaks about you!

   2. Replacing hardware – Even the slightest change, like changing out the hardware can make a vast difference. Everything from drawer pulls to cabinet knobs, hinges etc. can brighten up the interior space of your kitchen. If you previously had a darker color, change it to a silver or bronzed. Combining this with a new coat of paint, and your guests will think you to your kitchen remolded! If you feel you don’t feel comfortable or have tools of doing this, contact friends or family, it’s not an overly complicated task.

*** This was the most recent that we did, and we are so happy we chose to change out the hardware! Such a small project to do, that made a significant difference!

    3. Adding a coat of paint – I think I have mentioned it a couple times already, a little paint goes a long way. I encourage you to go with a really well quality paint. I have always gone  with Behr paint, and don’t regret it! Although it may be a little more pricier, I think it’s  worth the outcome!

     4. Switching out a lighting fixture – New and upgraded lighting fixtures are a great focus point for many rooms. Once the new paint is applied to the walls, and cabinets and new hardware is placed, and changing out even one light fixture (you don’t have to change all) can ideally make the space look totally different. Ideally the light that sits above your table is a vast piece and catches most of the population. Not only does lighting serve as a functional use, it serves as a decorative touch.

       5. Switching out decor!

Let me know what you think! Or if you have any questions regarding your kitchen, please contact me!

A 15 min creation!

Want to fill a space in your home, but have little time to spare?

I have a small project for you, it doesn’t have to match exactly, but I hope that this can give you inspiration as to what you would like to create.

1. First here is what you will need:

  • Stud finder
  • Glue gun
  • Command strips (be sure to grab ones that are heavy enough to hold picture frames)
  • Pencil (to mark on wall)
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Tape Measure

2. Next, place your items on the floor to be sure you are content with how it will be placed on the wall. Sometimes when you’re making a collage, you will find you have many decisions, preferences, and ways in which you can lay out the items!

** In the meantime, I had a loose strand of dried Eucalyptus laying around. So I decided to use a hot glue gun and form it into a little wreath for inside an empty picture frame. I love how it turned out!  

Afterward, I used a fine-point sharpie pen and created an inspirational quote that I am very encouraged by. To make it pop I added some free handed leafy creation to add that more nature feel. 

I also used 3 different types of picture frames. I like how they intertwined each other with color and style.

3. Using the stud finder – you want to find a stud that will allow for a heavier object to hold on the wall (for my creation I did not use one because the frames were very light). Mark where there is a stud(s) so you know where to place the nail.

4. Measure Be sure to measure the marks you had put on the wall (in between) so they are even and balanced.

5. Place nail at the mark and use hammer to tap into the wall.

6. Place hangings on wall accordingly.



  7. Tadaaa!

Have any questions? Or wanting to fill an empty wall but can’t figure out just what you want contact me and we can have a consultation!

3 ways to utilize plaid in your kitchen!

Recently my eye has been on plaid, I have used plaid in various ways and I love how it looks! Thanks to the 90’s renaissance and the heritage fashionable movement, plaid is coming back! Plaid adds a touch of vintage warmth to your home. Here are some tips on how to incorporate plaid into your kitchen.

Have Fun with the Fabric

While your furniture (cabinets, dining room table) in the kitchen is a big focal point in your space, the small details and accents are what complete the all-inclusive look of the room.    You can add vivid colors with patterns and textures that add a special touch. Or you can also use simple and plain plaid and then utilize some decor that makes that space speak.  Imaging sleek white cabinets surrounding the dinner table, with a neutral plaid table runner, topped with 2 beautiful fresh cut hydrangeas. Simply ravishing!




Don’t forget the Details

Plaid dishcloths, kitchen towels, placemats, kitchen rug, plaid coffee mugs, chair cushions, plaid napkins, dishes, aprons, curtains/draperies, some even do wallpaper…. The possibilities are boundless when it comes to plaid in the kitchen!  Many people say plaid is good for the winter, in my opinion, I think it is great for all year round! Whether that may be using rich colors in winter, or neutrals with bright accents/ bright plaids with neutral decor in the summer So what are you waiting for? Let’s get decorating!



Any Questions?? 

Please contact Brittany Kay Interior Decorating, I would love to help answer any questions whether that is a quick phone call or a sit-down consultation.

What’s your plan for your patio/deck/sun room decor?


Spring is here, and Summer is right around the corner!! Finally right?! It’s that time that we all start brainstorming ideas for our patio/deck/sun room decor and planting! There are endless opportunities to enhance your space with just those small simple tweaks.

Those may include:

  • Lay down a vibrant area rug under your table and chairs or wicker furniture
  • Apply some paint to your rugged wood furniture
  • Plant a mixture of flowers in vivid planters
  • Administer deck cover (stain/color)
  • Pitch those old musty pillows, and substitute with fun, eye catching full pillows
  • Set up some lanterns with little tealights, to set off that romantic, and cozy feel

Have some ideas, but can’t pull them together like your wanting. Contact me! I would love to help solve those stresses to create your dream patio, deck or sun room, whether that is an individual consultation or a full project!!