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A low maintenance plant- Pansies!

Add some pops of color and joy to your front porch with care-free pansies.

  • You can choose from pre-planted pansy bowls that are ready to be placed on your front porch, deck and/or patio, or you can pick up some packs and create a planter yourself!
  • Get them off to a good start by planting them a few inches apart to allow more room, you can use a variety in hanging baskets or as a filler in planters.
  • Tip: to allow the roots to grow more stronger, spread the bottom of the plant before placing into the planter. 
  • Water lightly
  • Later on, You can get more, and place the pansies close together to allow a more fuller look (after they are off and growing), you can also add some greens like (leaf lettuce, kale etc.) as a border.
  • I do suggest, if freezing temps come, to bring them inside just to prevent from them from dying. (why not be better safe than sorry)
  • After pansy season, replace these beauties with summer loving annuals.


Ps. Sorry for the not so pretty brick, after we get back from our vacation, we plan to borrow my parents air compressor, and give this baby a good cleaning!

I am so excited to get my hands in the dirt and start planting more! This year I plan to plant many planters for our deck and plant a big variety of veggies, wildflowers, and sunflowers in our garden! Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend!

Our sweet small porch filled with fall love!

Hello Friends!

I love decorating our front porch, and especially for fall! So I am excited to share this with you!

Pumpkins and lanterns were my big inspiration this year. Driving on back country roads, I loved how people incorporated different types of pumpkins, whether it was big or small, nudgy or smooth, white, green, or off-white, and stack-able! Some mums, cornstalks and straw bales were common. So after much drive-byes of porches filled with pumpkins, I was really excited to get started on our own front porch! I went neutral this year, I added some whites, and greens. You may recognize since the last blog, we have a new accent rug! This rug was purchased at Walmart for a whole $8! I chose this grey rug as it complements our light grey siding with graphite trim. Layered on top is the hello mat in which I find so cozy. I also purchased the beautiful gold lantern for less than $10. I don’t regret purchasing it, as I think it adds a great pop of color against the neutral stacked pumpkins, and I can use it all year round in many spaces. As for the black one, I already had it, so that was easily included in this space.

The warty, green gourd is my FAVORITE! It gives so much character to the space. This gourd was actually bought at a small roadside stand, which if I haven’t told you…. Those are my favorite! Not only do you get deals, but they have a lot of fun stuff and some rockin homemade desserts too! 😉 The mums and pumpkins were gotten at one of my favorite places, the Country Barn located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When you visit the area, or live in the area and haven’t checked them out, please do so, you won’t regret it! Right now they have endless different pumpkins to choose from, gourds, mums, corn stalks, dried corn, crates, baskets, and inside they have a great selection of scrumptious baked goods, jellies etc.

P.S. I am giving you the real-life picture here! I’m sorry for the “not so pretty” bricks, we plan to power wash them this upcoming spring! And let me tell ya… I cannot wait! There are so many projects I want to get done like: power washing, scrubbing the siding, getting new outdoor lights, repainting the front door and the list goes on…. But , I have to keep telling myself that it’s fine and that it will take time!

Small Tweaks To Make Your Kitchen Feel New!

There are endless options out there to change the look of your kitchen! I would like to share with you some small tweaks we have made to our kitchen, and it made a world of a difference!

   1. Paint Cabinets- When your watching closely at the budget, replacing cabinets may not be an option. However a good coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets can make them look brand new. Sanding and filing in any holes with wood filler will instantly make them look new. I encourage you to go with a new color, a color that will lighten your space and speaks about you!

   2. Replacing hardware – Even the slightest change, like changing out the hardware can make a vast difference. Everything from drawer pulls to cabinet knobs, hinges etc. can brighten up the interior space of your kitchen. If you previously had a darker color, change it to a silver or bronzed. Combining this with a new coat of paint, and your guests will think you to your kitchen remolded! If you feel you don’t feel comfortable or have tools of doing this, contact friends or family, it’s not an overly complicated task.

*** This was the most recent that we did, and we are so happy we chose to change out the hardware! Such a small project to do, that made a significant difference!

    3. Adding a coat of paint – I think I have mentioned it a couple times already, a little paint goes a long way. I encourage you to go with a really well quality paint. I have always gone  with Behr paint, and don’t regret it! Although it may be a little more pricier, I think it’s  worth the outcome!

     4. Switching out a lighting fixture – New and upgraded lighting fixtures are a great focus point for many rooms. Once the new paint is applied to the walls, and cabinets and new hardware is placed, and changing out even one light fixture (you don’t have to change all) can ideally make the space look totally different. Ideally the light that sits above your table is a vast piece and catches most of the population. Not only does lighting serve as a functional use, it serves as a decorative touch.

       5. Switching out decor!

Let me know what you think! Or if you have any questions regarding your kitchen, please contact me!

Decorations you use speak volume!

Hi there!

Following the Holidays I was excited to refresh our living space with some new decor! One piece  that was used was a gift given to me from a good friend of ours, and I fell in love. There are endless amount of people out there who are so talented and can create many neat things, such as paintings that can incorporate just one simple word, a phrase or even a meaningful symbol of who they are.


GATHER is a super important word to me!

Between Family and Friends, I think it is a beautiful sight when we are all gathered in a cozy home, whether it’s sharing a tasty meal, playing some games or just catching up on the latest in life! The best part of home decor is that there are endless opportunities to use your decor in ways that  speak volume to those of whom walk inside your home. It makes it even more special!

Previously, situated on-top of the shelf were some Christmas decorations. I wanted a  simple, but refreshing look! I added two small fern stems inside two  bottles in order to balance each side, and then I added the (other) matching bottle and a handcrafted bottle wrapped in twine, of course, on either side of my sign!

Don’t feel you need to overdecorate or crowd the space, sometimes the most simple decor is the most comfortable and inviting style. Get creative, and if need be do your research by getting some ideas online. There are more of them than you could ever dream!

But also know, I would love to help you out with your own home decorating! Not sure how you would like to refresh your area? Or want to get some decor that does speak volume, but not exactly sure what? Please send me an email, and then we can have a consult over a hot cup of coffee!


Take a morning to create your own succulent!

Waking up to the beautiful sunshine streaming through the blinds, I briefly scrolled through my Instagram feed…. Spring Knoll Farms at Lancaster Central Market was holding an event to create your own succulent. I knew just what I wanted to do this morning before I started studying the day away…… A spontaneous date to Market!

Lancaster Central Market (located in Downtown Lancaster, PA) is filled with so much life! Many vendors that consist of; fresh local produce, meat, fresh picked flowers, tasty coffee, home decor, and much more. Because my husband and I live outside of the city, we don’t go often but when we do, we never leave with regrets!

Spring Knoll Farms has a stand located inside the market, today they had a table located out in the alley way where you could create your own Succulent Pot. I could not wait… I love succulents! They had many different pots to choose from, as well as succulents to plant.

Creating a Succulent Container:

  • Pick out a fun container to use! There are many to choose from, listed are the most popular- a coffee mug, bowl, chicken feed container, low cut vase.
  • Arrange your succulents (be sure not to put too many in, they like to be close but too many they won’t get much air).
  • Add well draining soil (equal with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) to the container, and pack it down.
  • Then place small pebble stones on top, also packing down over soil.
  • Water lightly.

How to take care of them:

  • Succulents like to have their soil soaked and then dry out before watering again. (The thicker the leaves on a succulent, the less water it needs.)
  • Well draining soil.
  • Succulents need a lot of sunlight to grow happy and healthy; Do be careful, they don’t like direct sunlight. (A sign that your succulent isn’t getting enough light is “stretching”, where your plant is getting really tall.)
  • Propagate: Here’s how!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful! As well as maybe making you feel excited to go and create one yourself!