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A $35 "Magic Light Trick"

I love following other home decor bloggers because there is so much inspiration! It doesn't always mean going out and spending lots of money to make it look the way they do, sometimes it's just a small price to make a big difference in your space!

When it comes to home decorating, figuring what to do with a space, where to place things, and so on, that is what comes natural to me! But, doing little handy nik-naks is not my cup of tea, but I can tell you who it is! @nestingwithgrace, she is wonderful! I have learned so much from her. Recently she has shared about this "little magic trick" used with "hockey puck" lights and it is amazing, and it not only saves money but also saves the time and hassle having to call a professional to do construction in your home!

There is another project that will be happening soon, where I will be using the trick that I will share soon. But now I'd like to share how we used "the hockey pucks" in our home just this last week! After we purchased these lights from Amazon, they were an easy finisher! We simply placed the double sided tape on each puck and placed evenly with the remote control signal facing outward, so the remote could easily reach.  While the smaller sectioned cabinets hold one light, the doubled cabinets hold 2 underneath for balanced lighting.



After being installed, let me tell you, as soon as these lights were turned on, it instantly made the kitchen feel so inviting and relaxing. All six lights (which came including batteries, double sided tape, some screws and a remote control) for ONLY $34.99, you cannot beat that!!! Like I had mentioned above, we are changing the end of our hallway (wall), so keep on the lookout, the teaser is, we are using the "magic light trick" as a part of it! Thanks for reading Friends!

Any questions please contact me!

Posted: 01/21/2019

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