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A Farmhouse kitchen upgrade

First off, wanted to state that I am sorry, as I only now realized I never shared an update on our kitchen upgrade! So let's get to it!

Realistically speaking, Peter and I did not have to do anything to this house, it was totally liveable. But why wouldn't we want to make the house we bought into the home of our dreams?! Well that my friends is my moto, as long as we live in this house!

Previously this kitchen had: yellow walls, cream yellow tile floor, a multi-colored butcher block counter, old sink w/o sprayer, old style hardware, and a ceiling fan above the dining area. So yes, this area needed some work to make it our own!!! And we knew this would definitely be the first space we wanted to redo since we are in it everyday!

Peter knew a guy that helped do some misc. improvement tasks at his work, and they really liked the result and how hard he worked, for such a reasonable price, and with emphasis on the the details! So we gave him a ring!

He did the following:

  • flooring (click here for link)
  • installed our sink ( Faucet link here) (Sink link here)
  • Applied the "laminate sheet" over the previous counter top (Link here)
  • Added the air stone for the back-splash (Link here)

What we did on our own:

As Peter and I were approaching the kitchen renovation, we knew there were other rooms in the house we also wanted to work on as well, though we had a limited budget for the space. In the future we may possibly add on, including expanding the kitchen, but for the time being here is what we did!

  • Repainted the room (Agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams in eggshell)
  • Repainted the cabinets (Gallery White by Behr in semi- gloss)
  • Switched out hardware
  • Changed out lighting ( click here for hanging pendent)  ps. Sorry the kitchen table light is out of stock!
  • Homemade kitchen table by my very handsome handy husband
  • Added shelving unit above coffee buffet (link here)
  • Repainted Coffee Buffet (including knobs)
  • Soon we will be purchasing new appliances (we hope to get some blackfriday deals!)

Tadaaa!!! Here it is, and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!


Our sweet farmhouse kitchen is overflowing with, simplicity, neutrals, and welcome!!

Doing any kitchen reno's yourself? If so, I'd love to hear and see what your doing!


Posted: 07/26/2019

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