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A handcrafted bench for the kitchen table

While Peter and I love hosting friends and family in our home, we also find we are a little limited on space, which is ok! That being said we originally had 4 dining room chairs surrounding our very own handcrafted table built by my husband! After watching our dining room chairs (that we already have) online for a sale, they just wouldn't go below $150 for a set of 2. I just had a really hard time wanting to pay that, it honestly was probably a good deal.  BUT I had this grand idea, "what if we just build our own bench that matches the table?" On a whim, Peter and I made a trip to Lowes, bought the lumber for $30, and better yet we already had the paint on hand!!! Instead of $150, we spent $30 and I just love the feeling this bench gives to the space. We applied "Gallery White" by Behr Paint to our bench matching the kitchen table. We use it for the trim throughout our home. It's clean, and bright!

Not only did we save money $$$ for more seating in the dining area, we also did for our back room! From the start, besides needing 2 more chairs for the dining room table we needed one for the desk. Because we built a bench, we placed one of the chairs at the desk in the multipurpose room, and the extra in our downstairs closet. We did that because if there are 4 chairs plus a bench in the kitchen it just makes it feel crowded, and we don't have a big kitchen. Please click here, to see the process of building our kitchen table! (Peter did the exact same thing to make our bench).

P.S. You may be asking and/or telling yourself... Hmm they don't have a rug. Yes you're right, we have had a rug in there before and it just made the space feel too full. We do have a rug by our kitchen sink, that adds more warmth and a cozy feel as well. We may change our minds in the future, but for now we are enjoying it just the way it is!!!

Thanks for reading! I hope y'all are staying warm on this cool windy day!

Posted: 10/17/2019

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