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A Brand New Work Out Room!

Over the past couple months, I have been seriously thinking about and planning to change our future baby room into a useful room until that time comes. That useful room meant a workout room with lots of life! Both my husband and I previously have been using our living room space to work out, well we wanted that to change! We sat down and planned out what we had envisioned for this unique space in our home, and sure enough, we got right to work, and it was completed in a week's time! We rocked it!

While planning out our space, we kept these key points in mind:

  •  The amount of space we had available to work with.
  • How to consolidate the equipment we had to make available at the time of exercising?
  • What colors can we apply to the walls that will compose that energizing, exciting, and inviting?
  • Furniture that will organize our items needed in this space (but fit our style)
  • How can we make this room fit to what we had envisioned and the function we need from it, to be within the budget we set?

The before:
This room started out with all off white walls and trim, old faded brown doors for the main and closet doors, and cream electrical outlets/covers. (I'm sorry we never got before shots!)

And then the makeover!!!!
The first words that came out of our mouths were..... This room turned out amazing! This is better than what we even envisioned!! So here it is.

The completed project came about from:

First, we sanded, and repatched the walls, then painted a beautiful accent wall covered in "Moroccan Sky", and the 3 surrounding walls were painted "Zero Gravity" by Behr paint. All the trim and doors were repainted in "Gallery White" also by Behr paint. We purchased new White electrical outlets and covers, for that refreshing look and allow the walls to pop.

After the painting was done, doors were put up/painted, electrical items replaced; we aligned and placed "over the door mirrors" on the main wall in which we face when using exercise equipment. In the corner, we added a refreshing tropical plant contained by an oak stand that not only filled that empty corner but added lots of life.

The biggest thing I was looking forward too..... Placing our wall decal on our new and vibrant accent wall! I think it looks awesome!!! I will be honest, it was not the easiest to put up, but it was totally worth it. This is probably my favorite piece in this room! When you walk into the room that is the first thing you see because it's a big focus point!! It is a HUGE motivator! Every time I look at that piece during workouts it speaks out in a remarkable way. It encourages me to push harder, to work faster, and go beyond what I think I CAN'T do. I think that is a very important feature to have in an exercise type environment!

Lastly, to consolidate our exercise equipment we purchased a sweet looking, industrial-style bookcase to hold our weights, ab wheel, and kettlebells. On top, I had the privilege to add a fun designed pot holding a grassy plant adding that pop of color,  some towels just in case there are any sweat drops ;) and a yummy smelling air diffuser. To the side of it, a wire basket is being used from what I already had in our home, to hold yoga mats and other miscellaneous items. Overhead are two awesome wooden and iron detailed hooks used to hold our resistance bands and jump ropes. Tadaa!!! The biggest DIY project I have done yet, and I am super happy with how it turned out ! And then our running board! 1) I Cut the wood down to size, so it would balance out that small area of the wall that it is covering. 2) Painted 2 coats of Black chalkboard paint. 3) Measured and fastened L hooks (to hold our bibs, and medals). 4) Used a fine tipped, and thick chalk paint marker and free handed the phrase situated in the middle. 5) And added the medals and bibs!

Items purchased:

  • Chalkboard paint - Walmart
  • Chalkboard marker(s) - Michaels
  • L hooks - ACE hardware
  • Decorative Hooks- Michaels
  • Yoga mat (Mint blue) - TJ Maxx
  • Wire basket - TJ Maxx
  • Plant/Holder with decorative design - Home Goods
  • Air diffuser - Home Goods
  • Towels - Kmart
  • Wall Mirror(s) - Walmart
  • Tall grass plant/stand - TJ Maxx
  • Wall Decal - Etsy
  • Bookcase -
  • Doors - The Home Depot
  • Paint (Zero gravity/Grey and Moroccan Sky/Orange + Gallery White - Trim and doors) Behr paint at the Home Depot

So what do you think?!
I am in love, and every time it is a workout day I am super pumped to get in there and burn some calories in an awesome, inviting, motivating, and fun environment! If you're looking to redo a space like this, and need a consultation and/or advice please contact me! I'd love to hear from you.

Posted: 02/05/2017

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