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DIY sleek address plate

I am so excited to share with you a new piece of decor that was added to the exterior of our home! This project was easy peasey and affordable! Thanks to Pinterest for the grand idea!

My husband and I use the garage door consistently, as well as when guests come over that's the first thing of the house they see when they park and enter our home. There was nothing there, so something had to be done! While shopping around at Lowe's at their clearance racks, I stumbled across this cute flower planter, and I knew exactly where it had to go! And sure enough it was a perfect fit by our garage door, it instantly brightened up the space and made it feel more inviting! The address plate on top of it added more of a shabby-chic feel, with the brushed nickel against the variety of pretty stained paint sticks! One last thing... That light has got to go, I am seriously waiting for it to just be dangling by the wires. I am so excited to replace those lights! Stay tuned that blog is coming right behind this one!

Items needed:

  • Paint sticks (click here)
  • Minwax stain (purchased at your local Home Depot or Lowe's)
  • Cutting saw
  • A piece of wood for paint sticks to be applied to
  • Measuring tape + Nails
  • House number(s) (click here)
  • Thompson's water seal (click here)

Steps to creating the piece:

  1. Stain paint sticks
  2. (Once dry) cut sticks accordingly, as well as the ends for smooth edges. Be sure after you are done cutting that all sides are flush
  3.  Apply wood glue lightly, glue down to wood piece (which is already pre-cut to the size you need)
  4. Spray address plate 2x to ensure total coverage
  5. Apply house number(s)
  6. Hang

Our initial plan was to place the address plate above the planter, but being that our siding is older we couldn't come up with a good solution that wouldn't involve putting a nail into the siding. So after some thought and just playing around with it in that area... We placed it on the planter and I loved how it just went so well with the planter! See sometimes you have a plan, and it doesn't always work accordingly, and that's alright, because there IS a solution! I think this was a better decision too, because the light that will be replaced is bigger so it won't be so full in the end.

You're probably wanting to know the cost of the project right?! All together the project costed a total of $30. The two more costly items were the floating numbers and Thompson's water sealer.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it up! Please, if you're feeling unsettled about a space on the exterior of your home, contact me! I'd love to chat with you. Happy DIY'ing!

Posted: 06/21/2019

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