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DIY small entryway

Although our entryway was special, I wanted to spice it up to make it feel extra special! Previously there was a picture collage frame that held pictures which included: our first date, when Peter first said "I Love You", and when we got engaged! Those are now being utilized in a different space in our home.

Now we have.... An easy DIY space created that feels more inviting to those who enter. Taking about a day to create, this space cost us at most $25! That friends, is what I love about making a house a home.

I love the "stay awhile" canvas sign, and have searched all over for it, but honestly, I found them pretty pricey. So why not create the exact same thing at my own doing?! Here is how I did it:

To create:

Gathered: tape measure, gorilla glue, fine point permanent marker, nails/hanging hooks/hammer, and the tobacco lath (I used nails because the piece is light to sit on wall)

  1. Hand wrote in pencil first "stay awhile" very lightly and then went over with permanent marker.
  2. Measured each side very carefully of the canvas so that each piece would fit in perfectly at the edges, held them up to each side before gluing.
  3. Applied gorilla glue lightly (it is very strong, you don't want oozing) to each side on canvas, and then quickly placed the lath on top (using 2 people) we held all together for 10 minutes.
  4. Measured on the back distance apart, attached sawtooth frame hook, and hung.



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Posted: 06/14/2018

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