Our updated Master Bath

What previously were green walls, with tan and brown accents, no longer exists!


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When we first started painting and decorating our home, I was more interested in shades of tan and brown... Well, goodbye browns/tans and hello white and grey neutrals! And that is okay,  from a home decorator's perspective, our minds tend to work on a 24/7 basis because, let's face it, there's always a new and old!

I am so excited you're here checking out this blog, because, I am loving on this newly redone space! It's simple, and so neutral with its hints of white, grey and green accent from plant-life! We painted our walls using "covered in darkness" an off white compared to our shiny white trim "gallery in white" that is completed throughout the rest of the house. I sold our brown crates that were occupying the wall above the toilet, and we purchased the "real wood" looking shelves at Lowe's for a good price! I really like how the black brackets brake up the light wood against the white wall. I like going all neutrals but breaking up the color, or complimentary makes it more interesting. On the opposite wall is one of my favorite pieces in this space believe it or not! Our rustic towel rack, purchased from Amazon! I think it gives a good balance between a little bit of rustic and modern farmhouse style.


There is both a beautiful shower curtain and shaggy soft rug I found at TJ Maxx, they fit perfectly in this space! I was having a hard time finding a shower curtain because, I didn't want a solid, but also didn't want an overbearing, designed, curtain... As soon as my eyes came across this one, I fell in love! I love the design, but better yet I love how the greys flow into white... How cool!

Let me tell you, the bathroom vanity is not brown anymore, Finally! After lightly sanding it, we applied "silver city" by Behr in 2 coats, and it turned out awesome! The hardware attached are from our initial cleanup four years ago, they just got a good cleaning. Atop of the vanity, a new, glistening, white counter top replaced the not so pretty, swirly, cream counter top. The white counter top makes the grey below pop! I absolutely love how the grey compliments our new flooring that was placed, it flows smoothly. Also, you see that really neat wood-framed mirror that resides above our vanity? I am happy to tell you, we did not buy it like that! We got "decorative" wood trim and glued it to the outside of the plain mirror that was there previously. Guys, it saved us SO much money! For the size we needed, we were looking at pricing starting at $150. We purchased this trim from Lowe's, and the end result looked exactly like, what we were looking at online... That's right, to create this look for our mirror we spent only $35!

One of the last things we did was purchase new toilets for the master bath and the half bathroom, and boy did it make a world of difference! We were so excited to get the ugly cream toilets OUT!!! Speaking of the half bath, if you didn't check that blog out, you should, click here!! It's one of our favorite rooms in the house and you will see why! Lastly, behind the bathroom door, the decor was changed around a little and looks a bit more organized! As you can see in the picture(s) below, the only thing that was not changed out was the shower hardware. We do plan to do that at some point, to a dark bronze or black to go with the rest of the hardware in the space.

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Thank you for reading! I hope after you read, that you can see why we just love this space! It's an inviting, light, and cozy feeling space... I mean we are in this space every morning and night how could we not make it look this beautiful?!

Need any ideas or having any trouble deciding between ideas that you already have revamping your bathroom? If you do, please contact me! I'd love to come and see your space!


Posted: 03/16/2019