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An overhaul of a laundry room!

WOW! What a transformation, I'm in love!!!!!!

For so long I have been wanting this room completely redone... And I say that because I knew it had a lot of potential! The turnout is just what I was dreaming of for this rustic/farmhouse home!

During the process of gutting the laundry room, we discovered it used to be a closet previously, which was later turned into a laundry room. This proved to cause some hassles due to odd shapes in some areas. This room started out with: old white painted walls and 3 rickety cream colored shelving units which were attached to the back wall as a use of storage. And last of all, it had two accordion doors made of plastic, which were placed to hide the laundry from in the hallway.

The end Result is incredible!!!

Very first task for this space was the cabinet! My awesome handyman of a husband built this, and turned out awesome!! All of the cabinet was made with plywood, which was then painted in "gallery white" by BEHR paint. Dog ear wood was custom cut and shaped to look like "mini" barn doors with heart hinges added. Little square, magnetic clips were added on the inside of the doors and on the inside of the white cabinet to make it hold the doors closed, since we did not use hinges which automatically held it closed.

The two requests I had going in were: A shelf as storage use and for some cozy and inviting decor as well as an area to hang articles of clothing, so that I wouldn't have to walk upstairs after each load of wash.... And I got it!!!! This room was painted in the same color matching our living room and hallway.. Aside of the custom made cabinet was placed a white tension rod, not only adding to the room appearance, but for functionality as for hanging up clothing to air dry! A beautiful painted shelf with bronze curvy brackets supporting it was added above the washer and dryer as a method to hold storage and show off some fun and rustic decor. On top of the shelf sits two mid size wire baskets that a cloth fits inside, two braided handles rest on top which add to that burlap and chic feel. Closely aside of the baskets sits an industrial clock and a handwritten phrase on a chalk covered mirror, which has a beautiful and gold detailed rim that rests on the top surface. A very rustic, tarnished, red covered lantern sits aside of a vibrant green plant.

Overall I am overly thrilled with the total makeover of this room! It's exactly what I had envisioned.... A space that feels homey, rustic chic, and is inviting even when you don't want to be there doing laundry!

Items included in Laundry room:

  • Hinges -
  • All wood products - Home Depot
  • Brackets - Home Depot
  • Bi-fold Doors- Home Depot
  • Baskets - TJ Maxx
  • Clock - TJ Maxx
  • Tension Rod - Kmart
  • Chalkboard/Mirror - Facebook online yard sales
  • Plant - TJ Maxx 
  • Lantern - TJ Maxx 
  • All paint - by BEHR purchased at Home Depot

Posted: 08/28/2016

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