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Powering through 4 rooms in 1.5 days!

Let me tell you... When someone tells you, that when Brittany is determined to do something, she WILL DO IT. For a while, Peter and I have been talking about repainting the space, but we weren't quite sure when that was going to happen...That was very apparent 2 weekends ago! I knew I didn't have much time, being that last week I started studying for the BOARD exam, I went to work on the home! I have to give credit to my husband, we tagged team taping off the walls, and then I conquered through painting 4 rooms!

For a while I was questioning whether we should paint the house all the same, or paint each room a different color? I did a lot of research, and I concluded I wanted simplicity, and all rooms to flow together with one color (excluding our workout room, and bathrooms). I will be 100% honest, when it comes to choosing a paint color, I have the hardest time. I love the color grey, but I think it is one of the trickiest colors.  Grey's tend to reveal hints of blue or purple in their tone, and it all depends on the lighting. There are so many things you have to put into consideration when choosing a color so that it coordinates such as: will it flow with your furniture, lighting (including what curtains you have) as well as natural light from windows, will it go with the rest of the colors in your home, how will the decor run with it, and etc...

My husband and I have some friends whom recently bought a beautiful home, and started painting rooms in "agreeable grey" by Sherwin Williams. As soon as we saw how it flowed in their space, brightened the space, and complimented the furniture, we knew that was the color! This paint color was applied in both our hallways (upstairs and downstairs), the Master bedroom, the Living Room, and eventually our guest bedroom. Something I think that is important for you to know is, we got the showcase paint (check out this link for more paint options). It is an Advanced stain and scrub resistance in a one-coat paint and primer! Now we know we can't just guarantee the "one coat" label on the can, it all depends what color or type of wall texture you have prior to applying the paint. But guys, the one coat worked wonderful on our walls! We did not have to apply 2 coats of paint, We were so excited! It saved us money and time, you can't beat that!!

As I am writing this blog, I have so many thoughts running though my head that I want to include in this blog, but I can't put them into the right words, so I think I may finish this one as is, and then finish once my thoughts are cleared as " a continuation". Thanks for understanding!

Check out the completion below!


Thanks for reading! I will be working on a continuation of this blog! Stay tuned! I hope you all have a good start to your week! Have any questions on repainting a space? Please contact me, I'd love to chat!

Posted: 02/04/2019

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