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Our Fireplace Mantel Reveal

One of the things I have been wanting to change as a way to temporarily renew our living room space was to get rid of the orange-brown fireplace mantel. The dark color was too.... "blah", and made it feel and look dark for a space that I want bright and airy.

Here's the brown mantel before:


And now it's white, fresh and lovely!



  • Extra White by SW in semi-gloss
  • Rust-Oleum high heat spray paint in Jet Black
  • Minwax clear (water based) polyurethane protectant
  • Paint brush (I only used a paint brush due to all the curves and small corners- wanted to get it 100% covered)
  • Painters tape - This is my favorite to prevent paint bleeding and allow crisp clean lines
  • Any old blankets/ paint clothes to cover ground to prevent any dripping


How to paint a wood fireplace mantel:

1) After taping off the whole mantel area with painter's tape, sand lightly as needed.

2) Remove all dust with a lightly damp cloth.

3) Paint the mantel with 3 coats of semi-gloss paint using this brush, I have been loving the angled          Valspar brushes!

4) Let each coat dry fully in between painting.

5) After the mantel is fully dry, spray paint electrical insert x2 with black high heat spray paint.


What a difference!!! A little bit of paint totally changed the feel of the space, it's so pretty!

Even though this is a temporarily fix to updating our living room space, it made a world of a difference! It's so much brighter and airy! Tell ya, paint fixes everything!!

Thanks for reading friends:)

Posted: 11/21/2021

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