Choosing Joy

Hello friendsI wanted to share something that has been on my heart, and I hope that you find this just as encouraging as I do. "Choose Joy" is thrown around a lot. It's not truly explained as to what it looks like or how to apply it...

I'm currently in the midst of studying to retest for the 3rd time my Boards Exam. So many questions are constantly going through my mind... "why did God allow me to get through 2 yrs of school, and now I can't pass? Am I supposed to be a PTA? How am I supposed to be joyful about this? Why should I be thankful for this? Does God have a different plan for me?"

Though there are so many trials and good, we need to see the good in EVERYTHING, each and every day. We need to dig into the word through every cry and praise, we need to fully trust because HE DOES have a plan for us. Instead of carrying the burdens and worries, God wants us to give that to him to FIGHT for, and fully take care of. 

While in situationswe are told to "choose joy", instantly we think this is impossible. Choosing joy even in the midst of trials, is choosing to see the goodness God has done and will do in the middle of a dark storm. Joy doesn't always mean laughter and big smiles. Instead it's a deep seated fastener that keeps our heart safe and prevent getting swallowed into darkness. 

Satan LOVES when he sees us broken, sad, angry, frustrated, stressed, it's an easy access for him to get us. When we allow those things to startit's so easy for them to quickly grow and grow till eventually we can't get ahead of it. When we give thanks through each up and down Satan does not like that, he backs away. He doesn't know what to do, because YOU have taken that thing away that Satan meant to destroy you with. 

Though I continue to question the trialsI am thankful to be alive and live through this trial knowing God has a bigger and better plan ahead of me. I am also thankful for the amt of love and support that I have been given by him. I am thankful for what God has given me, and there is always joy to be chosenthankfulness to be spoken, and all that goodness cannot be taken away.






So I encourage y'all to choose each and everyday even in the small things.

Categories: Speaking the truth, Inpsiration, Joy | Posted: 10/21/2019