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The Home Decorating Profile

Brittany Kay Stevenson draws her inspiration from the joy of creating and bringing to life rooms that feel cozy, genuine, homey, and that bring families and friends together. Whether it’s vintage, classic, rustic, modern or even Victorian styles that you fancy, it’s Brittany’s goal to design spaces that reflect your tastes and style of living. She works with virtually any room in the house, and outside as well including livings rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms/vanities, bedrooms, family rooms, kitchens, offices, patios or other specialty rooms.

Brittany’s process is straightforward and very much hands-on. She listens to each client, from the initial consultation process all the way to the finished product. Meeting you in your home, brainstorming with you, and developing a custom design plan just for you are common steps in the interior design process. Nothing is done independent of you because Brittany realizes that the canvas with which she paints is not her project, it’s yours.

If you’d like to learn more, or have a project that could benefit from her skills/experience, please contact her for more info!

The foremost ingredient for any interior space is harmony…each element should complement the next.


BK Interior Decorating at a glance

BK Interior Decorating specializes and excels in the following services:
  • Decorating advice
  • Planning the “feel” of a room
  • Hands-on decor and layout counsel
  • Paint swatch ideas and painting
  • Furniture: layout/rearranging, etc.

…and more!

I like stores such as TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Christmas Tree Shops, Ross and especially antique roadside stops; half the battle is finding the prime décor.


Brittany – The Short History

From the outset, dating back even to the days of “toddlerdom,” Brittany’s keen eye for style and her tendency to compare, contrast, match, observe and consolidate interior spaces shown bright. Whether at home or elsewhere, she quickly put her newly acquired skill into practice, delighted to arrange, organize and perfect the interior areas around her that presented a challenge. Her knack for interior design surfaced then and eventually matured as her passion for Interior Design spawned Brittany Kay Interior Decorating in 2015.

As a student of Central Penn Lancaster, where she recently graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program, Brittany is trained and equipped in the art of health and wholeness. Although she has returned to her first passion of home décor, wellness remains a major tenet of her livelihood.

When not visualizing or implementing a complementary interior living space, You will find Brittany most importantly with her hot cup of coffee right beside her, spending time with her husband, Peter, walking her Shih Tzus, Ava and Tucker and habitually working out. She is also actively involved with her church, and loves spending quality time with her friends and family. Oh yes and cannot forget to mention, she always has that travel itch too. Over the last 4 years she has visited many cool places already like: Europe (Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Rotterdam-Netherlands) the Mid-West, Maine, VA, Canada, Tennessee. She will update you on the upcoming trips she has planned!