2015 Manager's office

Do what your heart desires, and what you think would make my office feel at home

Those were the words that Brittany's manager told her as she began her work!

So she took action, and it was a great success! On the open left wall, she added 3 picture ledges with various size, shape, and color frames, which have primarily family pictures. Mixed in are some beach, and ocean themed decorations, highlighting her managers love for all things nautical.

Her manager has accomplished a lot in which she is proud of during her time doing nursing. In regards to that, Brittany decided to arrange a collage of her awards that display the professionalism that she has come to. It is really well displayed too, as you first walk into the room and see it on the wall behind her.

Brittany's favorite part of this space is the storage which consists of 2 floating shelves with some binders, magazine holders, and other décor. Along with this is a simple green plant that sits on a paper tray, and adds to the beach-like ambiance of the room. This gives it a very homey feel, even within the office environment. The is a gold paper weight, that contrasts the patterned lamp shade that it sits beside. This helps to complete the décor and storage space, and gives it that nice modern look and feel.

Posted: 06/27/2015