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Brittany’s clients are bragging about her work, and can’t wait to express their joy for the work that she has done, and what she can do to help you! View what her clients have to say below.

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Exactly what I wanted!

I worked with Brittany to redo two guest bedrooms and the master bedroom in my home. Working with Brittany was like working with a long time, trusted friend. She is easy to talk to and takes time to listen and understand your vision for the space. She is open and honest about budget, timeline and design. The experience she has with the work in her home and past projects was the reason I reached out to work with her. She knows how to make rooms welcoming, keep functionality and design a beautiful space while staying within a specific budget.

For each bedroom I had clear direction on what I needed to gather and where to place it within the room. For me, I really wanted to be part of the makeover in my home but I have zero design skill. The plan Brittany and I agreed to allowed for me to have a clear roadmap to beautiful, professional designs that I could still be part in making my house a home.

I do want to state that Brittany can and will do the whole process for a client if you prefer that. I got to chose my level of Brittany’s involvement which I loved! The stunning design is all her, the high level of detail and research is all her and when I put it all together in the room I felt accomplished and part of the project. She was the missing piece to making our bedrooms warm and welcoming vs random pieces of furniture that didn’t really work together.

I would highly recommend anyone to sit with Brittany and talk through your vision. You only have something to gain by talking to her. She truly will be one of the best things you have done for the interior design of your home, I know she was for ours.

J Wiley (11/07/2021)

Bedroom Upgrade

Brittany did a great job turning our master bedroom and Master bathroom into a relaxing retreat. She had many great ideas, helped us find items as ikea, and executed our combined vision for the rooms.

Mercedes (12/05/2019)

A pleasure to work with!

Brittany Stevenson is a pleasure to work with. She listens well and asks good questions to understand what your likes and dislikes are. If on a budget, she is sensitive to work within your means. Brittany has a very good eye for color, texture and style. She searches until she finds the right items. She stays on task and works efficiently. Brittany is very good at what she does. I highly recommend her services.

Beth B. (11/03/2019)

Bedroom Make-Over

Brittany helped us tremendously by offering ideas for a refresh of the master and kids bedrooms of my home. She listened to our preferences, observed our style, considered functionality of the spaces and was able to quickly offer solutions for organization, rearranged the furniture layout, and presented detailed décor suggestions for an overall budget-friendly make-over! Pulling ideas from the existing styles in our home, Brittany offered perfect suggestions and even knew where to find good deals to get that perfect look we were hoping for! It was so easy to work with Brittany and she really knows how to modernize a home while staying easily, efficiently and economically. We are so grateful for her help.

Teresa (06/02/2019)

Outstanding Workspace Transformation

Brittany was able to take my boring, lackluster office and transform it into a vibrant, inspiring yet peaceful and beautiful space. Every single person that enters the space remarks about how beautiful it is and about how they feel when they are in the space. It is remarkable how Brittany was able to interview me and understand exactly what I wanted and make it come to life; it's like she read my mind! Thank you Brittany for making the office of my dreams come true!

Vanessa (10/06/2016)

Master bedroom master bath

Brittany has a great eye for detail and worked with us to make sure we were satisfied with every aspect of our decor.

Mercedes (02/03/2016)

Work Office

Brittany did an awesome job with my office!!! Not a day goes by that someone does not walk by and stops to say something about my decor. Their comments are, "I love your office. Your office is so inviting! Your office is so homey!" I agree with all of them! I love going to my office. I love the little details Brittany picked out. She really listened to my wishes and thoughts. I would truly recommend Brittany to do any design job you have. She has a natural talent and she really gives it her all when working on the job. She really gets so excited that it is contagious. Thank you Brittany for doing a tremendous job in my office! I love it, but you know that!!!!

Susie Leese (08/01/2015)

Excellent Work!

Brittany does great work! She looks at every detail, and can work with a budget, whether it be large or small. She doesn't let anything stand in her way of decorating a room that she is proud of, and the owners enjoy!

Peter (07/02/2015)
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