We added windows and replaced a patio door!

Hello friends!!!

Thanks for stopping by to take a quick read on a huge transformation that was made by adding something SO important to our main floor...... Are you anxious to know what yet?!

We knew early on when getting this home that this change needed to happen sooner than later, and so we saved  $$ (also thankful for tax-return money) for when we were on the schedule with a referred contractor.

Can you believe that the side of the house where we get the most sun had NO windows previously?! Seriously? We felt as if we were boxed in, like a dungeon sitting in the living room (and the office) during the day because it was so dark and gloomy. 

Here is the before:

All that to say..... We added some windows and replaced our old and ugly patio door with a gorgeous French patio door! We knew it would make a difference, but we were SHOCKED as to what a world of a difference it truly made, I cannot even stress that enough! This was one of the best decisions we've made for this house thus far!!!!!!

And the Reveal !!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have a bigger, brighter, and airy feeling living room area! 

Is this even the same room?! No lie, every single individual who has come to visit since it's been completed can't even believe it's the same space, let alone they can't remember what it had looked like before!

The whole main floor trim has been replaced and we are slowly starting to move upstairs for a new modern and clean look. We added these light filtering shades from Amazon, and so far have held up really nicely, and we love the boho vibe they add to the space. They are not remote controlled but they simply move by using your hands, no cords getting in the way!

We also added a window (of the exact same size of the one already in the space) in the office.

Then lastly replaced the patio door!

Here is the before:

And tadaaaa... The After

We now have a modern, sleek patio door! We especially love that both doors open now, it comes in handy with hosting and opening the doors for some fresh air, or just taking stuff in and out to the deck!

When I say that I/we absolutely love how this room has come together, that's an understatement. This room is  about 80% completed. The plan is to take down the old mantel and add floor to ceiling faux-stone, and a beautiful wooden mantel  for the fireplace, and then to replace the ceiling fan.

This house is a work in progress, but it surely is feeling like home now. All the late nights, and constant projects are worth it.

Thanks for reading and checking in!!!

Posted: 09/10/2023