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Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact me!

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Every client and project has unique needs and challenges to the design.

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Even since being a toddler, Brittany has had a keen eye for decor.

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PXL_20230724_232213446.jpg (1.58 MB)

A HUGE exterior transformation for our backyard!!

Our Patio and backyard makeover was a long time coming! Before there was just a big area of grass with a makeshift fire pit overtop of it and nothing else. We have spent lots of time out here with friends and family but it was never "a cozy space for me." I really wanted to create an…

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PXL_20230728_192518761.jpg (720 KB)

The mudroom got an upgrade!

A MUDROOM UPGRADE You guys have been patiently waiting for more "project updates" on a few rooms in our house and honestly, that's the reality of living in a fixer upper in the midst of life. Now some of you may say, your home is perfect the way it is, it doesn't need any updates. Yes…

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4H4A2799.jpg (360 KB)

We opened an Airbnb!

One of my dreams came true...... We are official Airbnb hosts! I can't even believe I am sharing this news with you, but it feels SO good!!! When we moved into this home, the entire basement was a full apartment which was used as In-Law quarters previously. When we walked through this place I was…

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PXL_20221218_210706745.jpg (785 KB)
We are opening an Airbnb!!!

I am SO SO excited the news is finally out....... We are opening an Airbnb Y'all!! It's surreal to be actually typing this out right now. Here is…

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PXL_20221120_195330397.jpg (553 KB)
Our home decked out for Christmas!

Welcome back, I am so excited you're here! I decorated a week earlier this year, and I have no regrets. One extra week of enjoying Christmas,…

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PXL_20221120_160931500.jpg (291 KB)
A DIY addition off the Dining Room

It's so good to be back at it, so let's get to the details on this reno! Right off the Dining room situated a kinda random built in area, and at…

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PXL_20220917_222343384.MP.jpg (854 KB)
A Modern Farmhouse Deck Refresh

I can't believe it's finally here! Today is the reveal day for our deck refresh! We are so happy and excited to share our deck that got a full…

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PXL_20220617_192033866.jpg (423 KB)
A Dining Room Reno

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Reno I am so excited to share our Dining Room Makeover!!! It is officially 100% complete, and I cannot tell you how…

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PXL_20220617_193823258.jpg (231 KB)
Our Main Floor Bathroom Makeover

Our 1998 home that we moved into thankfully had only one room with wallpaper! I have heard horror stories from so many, and I surely did not want to…

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PXL_20220501_215158338.jpg (297 KB)
A total stairway redo

Our home was built in 1998, and oak was a super popular thing back then. As much as I love how it was a trend, I wanted this focal point to be more…

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PXL_20220220_200326144.jpg (294 KB)
Our stair nook upgrade

Our stairwell "nook" got a big upgrade!!! And I couldn't be any happier with the outcome! Honestly when we first moved into our home, we…

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IMG_20210816_193324552 (1).jpg (755 KB)
Our Garage Doors Transformation

Our home was built in the late 1990's and the previous owner took great care of it, both inside and out! We actually thought the home looked newer…

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PXL_20220206_150337781.jpg (253 KB)
A converted closet DIY

Our front entry coat closet just needed some TLC, because it was just plain old boring! It had one of those typical white-wire shelfs and that was...…

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PXL_20211121_152132770 (1).jpg (319 KB)
Our Fireplace Mantel Reveal

One of the things I have been wanting to change as a way to temporarily renew our living room space was to get rid of the orange-brown fireplace.…

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PSX_20211117_194500.jpg (221 KB)
Front Entry Beadboard DIY

Today I am sharing on the beadboard in our entry! We still cannot believe how much of a difference a little bit of beadboard and paint did! It adds…

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Brittany Kay Interior Decorating

Brittany Kay Interior Decorating is a start-up with the goals and ambition of providing excellent in-home design help so that you can finally give your house or office the comforts of home. A home is meant to be cozy, unique to you, comfortable, and able to be a place where families and friends can relax and live out the pleasures of life! Brittany listens to and designs for the specific needs of each individual, and learns what their needs, desires, and goals are for their space.

Brittany is more than willing to meet at your home or office to discuss your thoughts, and to brainstorm with you what your room could become. She works with either new items as a decoration, or the items that you already have available to use. Start collaborating on your next project and contact Brittany.