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Thank you for your interest, and please feel free to contact me!

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Every client and project has unique needs and challenges to the design.

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Even since being a toddler, Brittany has had a keen eye for decor.

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PXL_20220917_223010819.MP.jpg (978 KB)

A Modern Farmhouse Deck Refresh

I can't believe it's finally here! Today is the reveal day for our deck refresh! We are so happy and excited to share our deck that got a full overhaul with you. And we LOVE how it turned out! This was a very necessary deck refresh, since our deck was beginning to look unappealing and…

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PXL_20231202_180827245 (1).jpg (932 KB)

Our Living Room Before and After!

I am so excited to be sharing our Living Room Transformation! A lotta love with decision making went into this space. There were a lot of hoops but we are here and we can finally say it's probably our favorite rooms to date. This room went from dark and a non inviting feeling space to an,…

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PXL_20230910_202109865.jpg (953 KB)

We added windows and replaced a patio door!

Hello friends!!! Thanks for stopping by to take a quick read on a huge transformation that was made by adding something SO important to our main floor...... Are you anxious to know what yet?! We knew early on when getting this home that this change needed to happen sooner than later, and so we…

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PXL_20230724_232213446.jpg (1.58 MB)
A HUGE exterior transformation for our backyard!!

Our Patio and backyard makeover was a long time coming! Before there was just a big area of grass with a makeshift fire pit overtop of it and…

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PXL_20230808_211227722.jpg (771 KB)
A Master Bedroom transformation!

I think it's time. After 2 years of being in this house and having furniture for a few years now. Plus I mean we just moved our whole bedroom…

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PXL_20230728_192518761.jpg (720 KB)
The mudroom got an upgrade!

A MUDROOM UPGRADE You guys have been patiently waiting for more "project updates" on a few rooms in our house and honestly, that's…

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4H4A2799.jpg (360 KB)
We opened an Airbnb!

One of my dreams came true...... We are official Airbnb hosts! I can't even believe I am sharing this news with you, but it feels SO good!!!…

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PXL_20221218_210706745.jpg (785 KB)
We are opening an Airbnb!!!

I am SO SO excited the news is finally out....... We are opening an Airbnb Y'all!! It's surreal to be actually typing this out right now.…

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PXL_20221120_160931500.jpg (291 KB)
A DIY addition off the Dining Room

It's so good to be back at it, so let's get to the details on this reno! Right off the Dining room situated a kinda random built in area,…

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PXL_20220917_222343384.MP.jpg (854 KB)
Here is how you can refresh your deck, like we did!

I can't believe it's finally here! Today is the reveal day for our deck refresh! We are so happy and excited to share our deck that got a…

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PXL_20220617_192033866.jpg (423 KB)
A Dining Room Reno

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Reno I am so excited to share our Dining Room Makeover!!! It is officially 100% complete, and I cannot tell you how…

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PXL_20220617_193823258.jpg (231 KB)
Our Main Floor Bathroom Makeover

Our 1998 home that we moved into thankfully had only one room with wallpaper! I have heard horror stories from so many, and I surely did not want to…

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PXL_20220501_215158338.jpg (297 KB)
A total stairway redo

Our home was built in 1998, and oak was a super popular thing back then. As much as I love how it was a trend, I wanted this focal point to be more…

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PXL_20220220_200326144.jpg (294 KB)
How to upgrade that "little nook" for more practical use

Our stairwell "nook" got a big upgrade!!! And I couldn't be any happier with the outcome! Honestly when we first moved into our home,…

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IMG_20210816_193324552 (1).jpg (755 KB)
A simple and affordable way to upgrade your Garage doors!

Our home was built in the late 1990's and the previous owner took great care of it, both inside and out! We actually thought the home looked…

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Brittany Kay Interior Decorating

Brittany Kay Interior Decorating is a start-up with the goals and ambition of providing excellent in-home design help so that you can finally give your house or office the comforts of home. A home is meant to be cozy, unique to you, comfortable, and able to be a place where families and friends can relax and live out the pleasures of life! Not only do I fully listen but take notes of all the details for the specific needs of each individual, and learns what their needs, desires, and goals are for their space.

I am more than willing to meet in your home, or a video call (if not local) to discuss your thoughts, and to brainstorm with you what your room could become. I work with either new items as a decoration, or the items that you already have available to use. Start collaborating on your next project and contact me.