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Brittany Stevenson

Brittany Stevenson


We are opening an Airbnb!!!

I am SO SO excited the news is finally out....... We are opening an Airbnb Y'all!! It's surreal to be actually typing this out right now. Here is the back story: As most of you know I am a social bug, I just love meeting and being around people! So that being said it's always been a dream of mine to do something that will allow me to meet new people and be able to serve/host them because that is just one of my gifts. To go alongside that, my husband and I do a lot of…

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Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 12/24/2022

Our home decked out for Christmas!

Welcome back, I am so excited you're here! I decorated a week earlier this year, and I have no regrets. One extra week of enjoying Christmas Decorations, I will take it! I'm doing something a little different and will be sharing various views of our home decorated for Christmas! I haven't really done anything like this for previous posts, but it was time to mix things up. Most of the d├ęcor that I used I had already on hand, but I do buy a few new things each year to spice…

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Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 11/22/2022

A Modern Farmhouse Deck Refresh

I can't believe it's finally here! Today is the reveal day for our deck refresh! We are so happy and excited to share our deck that got a full overhaul with you. And we LOVE how it turned out! This was a very necessary deck refresh, since our deck was beginning to look unappealing and was not feel inviting at all. As of the summer of 2022 we fully completed this space but it was sure not an easy project, it was tiring, dirty, and many repairs needed, as well as a few extra…

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Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 08/06/2022

Our stair nook upgrade

Our stairwell "nook" got a big upgrade!!! And I couldn't be any happier with the outcome! Honestly when we first moved into our home, we had no idea how to use the space that was by our stairs. So many ideas came to mind such as: reading nook, or a piece with storage, and some have mentioned about making it a coffee bar area. I love the idea of a coffee bar, but it didn't make sense to us to place that in a space that is outside of the breakfast nook/ kitchen area. Plus we…

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Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 02/20/2022

Our Garage Doors Transformation

Our home was built in the late 1990's and the previous owner took great care of it, both inside and out! We actually thought the home looked newer than 1998 when we first saw it because of how well the exterior presented! Though the exterior is in immaculate condition, the garage doors needed to be updated.... They were just too plain and boring! I came across a few bloggers and pinterest inspo on this super EASY, SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE diy hack to transform your garage!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 12/27/2021

Our New Carpet

Our new carpet is here, and we couldn't be any happier! Keep scrolling below to see our pretty new carpet! Old, multiple colors, and just not our taste were the carpets here before... We can move into a house that needs some love and DIY to our liking while living in it, but moving into a home with multiple different colored carpeting, and flooring styles... well we knew right off the bat this was one of the first things to change. And we also knew it would be a lot harder…

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Categories: Projects, Renovations, Changing the feel of a room | Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 04/24/2021

Our freshly updated patio

Wow, talk about zero crazy Winter storms, and then BAM... Summer is here! We like to spruce up our deck early in the season so when the warm weather does hit, we are ready for some good ol morning coffee, game nights while the sun is setting and grilling out on a weekly basis. Let's just say, a little bit of a refresh can make a big difference! Here is what we did! 1. Touched up with some paint A little bit of paint did the trick! We have been using Behr's DeckOver, and we…

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Categories: Fixer Upper couple, Blogger, Plants, Spring, Summer Projects, Lively, Paint, color!, exterior, Outdoors, Changing it up, Budget friendly, Cozy, Decorating, DIY, Farmhouse style, Home_and_living, Inpsiration, Simple | Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 06/04/2020

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