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Brittany Stevenson

Brittany Stevenson


Our New Carpet

Our new carpet is here, and we couldn't be any happier! Keep scrolling below to see our pretty new carpet! Old, multiple colors, and just not our taste were the carpets here before... We can move into a house that needs some love and DIY to our liking while living in it, but moving into a home with multiple different colored carpeting, and flooring styles... well we knew right off the bat this was one of the first things to change. And we also knew it would be a lot harder…

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Categories: Projects, Renovations, Changing the feel of a room | Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 04/24/2021

Our freshly updated patio

Wow, talk about zero crazy Winter storms, and then BAM... Summer is here! We like to spruce up our deck early in the season so when the warm weather does hit, we are ready for some good ol morning coffee, game nights while the sun is setting and grilling out on a weekly basis. Let's just say, a little bit of a refresh can make a big difference! Here is what we did! 1. Touched up with some paint A little bit of paint did the trick! We have been using Behr's DeckOver, and we…

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Categories: Fixer Upper couple, Blogger, Plants, Spring, Summer Projects, Lively, Paint, color!, exterior, Outdoors, Changing it up, Budget friendly, Cozy, Decorating, DIY, Farmhouse style, Home_and_living, Inpsiration, Simple | Authored by: bks8214 | Posted: 06/04/2020

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