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10 low-cost decorating ideas

Want to add some design to your home, or want to tidy it up with some appealing upgrades or practical furniture, but are watching your budget? Here are some ideas that call for limited imagination, low cost, and add instant character to your space.


  1. Create an uncommon side table - Stack standard storage units (crates, mini bookcase etc.) to make a stepped side table with surfaces for presentation and lighting. Construct scaled down displays in the cubbies, or stack reading material, decor that you will enjoy.
  2. Be crafty - A variation of ideas: You can make use of clothing, art that you won't use anymore. Clothing could consist of: mittens, gloves. Jewelry , necklace, scarves, photos you have taken.
  3. Make your own art - Use photocopied art, photos you have taken, and as a result it looks practical when it floats freely between two sturdy pieces of glass held in frames. This also allows the wall color behind to really pop as a vast amount of color is being used.
  4. Go Natural - Anything from the beach to wooded nature creates a space where you feel relaxed and all your mind encompassing thoughts go away for a couple minutes. This can customize spaces such as: an entryway, a stairway, kitchen, or office.
  5. Spice up with shades of color - Colored lamp shades can make a courageous appearance statement. Don't go too crazy, and limit to one per room. For the others choose other shades that are more low key tones like white, cream and tans.
  6. Stacking books - Stacked books really draw the attention to people. Shelves may not be at good eye level, or deep enough to hold an abundance of books or their size, so stack them on a useful surface essentially like : a bench, end table, coffee table, counter.
  7. Creating a unique headboard - That may include : wood created frames, upholstered structures, stone, and the list goes on!
  8. Mix patterns - No matter what time of the year it is, your bedroom will look summer like all year-round with floral, modern sheets or pillows teamed up with crisp white linens. Choose patterns with white, and cream hints to keep the floral and modern look balanced.
  9. Adding Greenery - Adding Greenery (whether real or fake) are common staples to many homes. They are great benefits that include: A strong pop of color in any space, help purify, the air in your home, reduce bad compounds that stick in your home, sharpen focus, reduce stresses, also cover up imperfections, or possible cords running across your floors.
  10. Re-purposing furniture - Shaky, rickety seating can be given another chance, by being recycled into a bedside table. There may be a hole, if so, place a tray, books, lamp on top.

Categories: Decorating, Interior Design | Posted: 09/06/2015

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