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Liven your space by adding fresh flowers

You want your home to be a place to relax, and enjoy what surrounds you, you tend to decorate your surrounding space in a way that helps you relax but also characterizes you! Surrounding yourself with things that you like, makes it feel more cozy. Although there are endless ways to do this, some include adding personal photos, memorable souvenirs from travel, artsy items, structures; flowers are quick, most reasonable, and fun way to brighten your personal space that you plan to spend quality time in.

Having trouble what you are going to decide on? Here are some tips

For smaller and/or darker rooms:

  • Radiant colors such as: Purples, yellows, pinks, whites, and greens will display great character.
  • Types: puffy, round, leafy, odd shaped flowers that will generate the space's value to be more vast and appealing.
  • Vases: tall, round, and vivid

For bigger spaces with natural color walls and/or furniture:

  • Pale colors such as: whites, blues, pinks, and greens leave an impression with that space.
  • Beaming colors (again), such as: Purples, yellows, pinks, whites, blues and greens will present your room with a more lavish and refreshing experience.
  • Wanting to make your space feel more nature- like? It's simple... add greens! Greens are so natural, colorful and add oodles of personality.
  • Types: All types and sizes of flowers fit for this type of room because it's bigger volume already.
  • Vases: Tall, skinny, fat, and lively.

There are bountiful amounts of options that flowers and vases influence. It is important that you want to establish what will make your guests feel welcomed, at home, and a place you can prop your feet up and relax.


Eye Catching Colors Eye Catching Colors


Bringing some nature into the home, makes it look more appealing, more at higher cost, and most importantly nothing beats some pop color and good smelling fresh cut flowers!


Adding Fresh Flowers Adding Fresh Flowers


Categories: Flowers, Decorating, Interior Design | Authored by: Brittany Stevenson | Posted: 07/28/2015

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