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A Dining Room Reno

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Reno

I am so excited to share our Dining Room Makeover!!! It is officially 100% complete, and I cannot tell you how GOOD it feels! Now if you follow me over on Instagram, you might have noticed that I mentioned this makeover a few times. This room has been in the making ever since we moved in just over a year ago. We have done everything ourselves, and I am so freaking proud of it! We were able to stay within our budget, so the whole makeover was pretty affordable (It helps when you have a handy dandy husband!) I love how it turned out, so grab a comfy chair as you check out this whole space!

Here is a little reminder of what it looked like before:

As you can see it was a plain room with old pinkish carpet, cream walls, and mid 90's lighting.... It had to go! There was no way I could stand this for long, especially when this is one of the first rooms off the entryway! 

And here it is now:


My main goal for this room was to create a simple and clean look! This isn't a huge room but it's also not small, so I was particular with what went into this space.  It was just this past spring is when we started the dining room transformation! It took much longer to complete this room than I had anticipated,  we ran into some snags with building our table, but here we are today!!

We decided to build our dining room table because everything is/was so insanely priced and we did not want to wait months on end to receive our table. So we had found a blogger who made the same table (that we absolutely loved as soon as we saw it) with a whole detailed report of what we needed, and how she made it etc.  We love how this table fits in the room! We bought a few extra chairs to fill around the table from wayfair, and for a reasonable price. And let's quick talk about this rug, it's washable and super soft!! Win, Win! (I'm sorry there is no longer a link) There are a ton of options out there, I highly recommend!

We added the board and batten wall, which was super easy! I am SO glad we decided to add this, it adds so much dimension and character. We live in the woods, so we wanted to add a fun earthy color in here, we went with Retreat by SW. Seriously this color is even more beautiful in person, it's the perfect medium. We like this color so much, we have used it throughout our home! The surrounding walls are painted in Extra White by SW along with the rest of our home! It's such a clean, bright and crispy white. 

Can we just stare at this gorgeous light for a second?? I mean seriously, it looks amazing against our accent wall. We switched out the old ugly dome light, and swapped it with this light that is a perfect mix of wood and copper. It gives it a classic, modern farmhouse look.

Can you tell the other big difference from this shot?! There is no carpet!!! That ugly brownish/pink carpet was the first thing to go! We layed down lock in place vinyl plank. We purchased all the flooring from Lowe's, it is called "Golden Rustic Oak" by Pergo. Talk about an amazing transformation, that was just the start of it!

We were needing some extra storage in this room for extra serving dishes etc. We found this rattan cabinet at Target! It seriously couldn't fit more perfect in this space and look any better! We originally were thinking of a longer and higher sideboard against our accent wall, but I just couldn't justify covering such a beautiful wall, and plus this corner still needed a little something anyway!

All the décor on top of cabinet I found at Walmart, I couldn't believe it, seriously Walmart continues to step up their game! Everything cost about $90, check below for attached links. 

Last but not least, the final touch was adding the curtains! We found these curtains on Amazon for a super reasonable price!! Because of the custom trim we needed to go with longer drapes (so we could fixate the curtain rod closer to the ceiling), You would never know but we placed pins and adjusted our curtain height to our liking!

Though it took what felt like forever to find "thee curtains", I would have never thought I'd go to the velvet route, but these Velvet curtains are stunning,  they are a good bold color for a crispy white wall, but also flow smoothly with the room. 

We both are excited to use this room as of 2022. We have already hosted some family and everyone loved it! This room is spacious, the table can host up to 8 people and that is exactly what we needed. I look forward to hosting more and filling this table with a lot of delicious food, kiddos running around, lots of sunshine and birds hanging out by our big bushy ferns.

Well that is our Dining Room Reno. Please see all the links throughout this post, I'd love to hear what you think of this space and let me know if you have any questions. I love hearing from you!



Posted: 07/06/2022

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