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Our Living Room Before and After!

I am so excited to be sharing our Living Room Transformation! A lotta love with decision making went into this space. There were a lot of hoops but we are here and we can finally say it's probably our favorite rooms to date. 

This room went from dark and a non inviting feeling space to an open, bright and clean space, and I think reflects our personality of warm, cozy and inviting!

We pretty much redid the whole space, but I will point out and talk about the biggies!

Ps. I'm sorry this blog was delayed, so  now you're getting the Christmas version of our living room:) Extra cozy right? :)


The previous space had NO Windows, creamy white walls, oak everywhere and a hardwood floor that was peeling. This space just overall felt small, gloomy and a space where we just couldn't and didn't want to relax after a long/busy day.... We knew this was a space where we would spend 85% of our time, so that needed to change quickly!

Here is what we did to change that!


In Progress:

We added windows and replaced the Trim!

Holy Moly, is this even the same room? The space feels so much more open and brighter with the ADDED windows, a new patio door, and some oak LVP flooring! Over the course of a few months we finished out the windows with new trim and some boho bamboo shades.

For the trim: Peter used 1x4's for the main horizontal and vertical pieces and then the "decorative strips" above the window are 1x2's. I came across this blog, I instantly fell in love with the look, and it was an easy follow! We completed the main level and are now working on each room at a time upstairs! 


We found a family friend connection, he and his cousin did a very good job! They were clean and speedy. About last year this time is when they were completed, and we couldn't be any happier with adding these windows! With the windows our patio door also was replaced, I love the updated modern door it definitely completed the space!

After a few months went by we had opened up our Airbnb!  So with that we did a lot of re-arranging and took most of our furniture from our living room and bedroom down there to then upgrade to new for the main level of the house. This was the fun part because I was so ready to upgrade the furniture from our previous home. We added a beautiful dark grey sectional, this was a BIG change for us because we have been so used to a loveseat and sofa. As much as I hesitated on switching to a sectional because I was worried it would make the space look too small, and not have enough seating, We found the perfect size and are very happy with it!

After a month of having the sectional and an accent chair in the living space, we couldn't be any happier. We have found it has actually added more seating and allows the space to feel and look bigger with less furniture.. Score!

It was also time to replace the spray painted ceiling fan and recessed lighting to something a lot more of our home- style. Let's say a mix of boho and modern farmhouse! We found this beautiful ceiling fan through overstock/bed bath and beyond for a good price! I love the dark wood and brushed gold combination, it flows with the rest of the décor in the space. The rounded recessed lights were replaced with some simple thin and flat lights, which allows for less attention and instead draws your eyes to the beautiful ceiling fan! These recessed lights are actually pretty cool, they have a dimmable option as well as 5 "temperature options", Anything from cool to warm lighting for your space. 


SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST! We painted the fireplace and added a DIY wooden beam!!!!!!!! 


I had painted the fireplace a while back, white from the orangy- oak color and loved it, but it was time for a change.



Isn't she a beauty?!

So many decisions as to what color to paint the fireplace, but we had settled on a beautiful moody greenish/grey color. We chose squirrel's tail by BM! We love how it flows smoothly with the room but also adds a moody contrast for that side of the room! Along with adding the beam Pete built a beam around the current one (so we didn't have a huge mess on our hands) He used (3) 1x10's cut down to size, used air nails to put together and then finished by placing over top original mantel and using screws to attach. 


I absolutely LOVE how the fireplace turned out! It's exactly what I had envisioned in my head, it's got the vintage and modern farmhouse vibe goin on. I feel the space is 100% complete now :)


Thank you So So much for reading, I enjoyed this blog because it truly is one of my fav rooms in our home and was a fun space to transform! I am happy to report we look forward to spending time in this space everyday, and has truly been a project we can sit back and be very satisfied with!

Below are links to items we purchased to bring this space together!


Love y'all, thanks for reading!!





















Posted: 10/26/2023

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