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A DIY addition off the Dining Room

It's so good to be back at it, so let's get to the details on this reno!

Right off the Dining room situated a kinda random built in area, and at first we didn't know what to do with it. Not to say we didn't have any ideas as to what we should do with the space, but do any of them make sense in that area due to the kitchen being right around the corner? We actually don't even know what the previous owner used this space as either, besides just random shelving!

After browsing so many different ideas on Instagram and Pinterest, I came upon a picture that I absolutely fell in love with and knew instantly that, that's what we needed to do! We made some tweaks to better fit the space and fall within the budget!


Let's take a look at the before:

As you can see a space with just plain old built-ins, nothing too special about it. So we went to town and took the shelving down, boy was that tough!!! We know they were well sturdy, haha.

After all the shelves were taken down there was a lot of patch work to do. We puttied and sanded till we were happy with the finish (about 3x) and then we painted! The walls were painted in Extra White by SW in eggshell to match the rest of our home.

While Peter was applying putty, sanding and re-painting, I was painting a cabinet! We purchased this cabinet through Home depot. It's actually a top cabinet for a kitchen, it's what we could find to fit the space due to it not being super deep space. 

I painted the cabinet in Accessible Beige by SW, and spray painted some handles that we already had on hand in a matte gold! After everything was fully dried we placed the cabinet in the space and then got to building the shelving!

Using some 1 inch thick pine, we built some shelves that we pre- stained and then stained in Golden Oak by Minwax. I love this color because it's a nice natural color that doesn't appear super yellow (this is what we had used for our Dining Room table as well). After they were fully dried, we attached the shelves to the frame that we built underneath for extra durability. 

Next, was adding the peel and stick wallpaper! We looked everywhere and kept going back to this beautiful wallpaper! We wanted a neutral design but something that would also add some dimension to the space!

Lastly, it was time to get rid of the Boob light.... We replaced it with this really cute semi-flush mount light that I found on clearance at Lowe's! I did spray paint the chrome area to match our handles, the chrome had to go!

Get ready for it................


Look at it now!

Seriously! (I think I say this a lot, sorry) But obsessed is an understatement! This space turned out SO SO good! This space ended up being a pretty simple and affordable DIY! A kitchen cabinet, some handmade shelves, and cabinet topper, peel and stick backsplash totally transformed this space! I couldn't have said this space would have originally turned out this way, we actually applied a brick looking wallpaper first and we just were not liking it. I then found this super clean and classy backsplash through Amazon and we instantly loved it, it definitely fulfilled the vibe.

I don't know exactly what we will fulfill this cabinet with (probably some sort of serving ware), but we will figure it out soon as this WHOLE space is now 100% completed!!

Here are some more photos!

Some décor I found while thrift store shopping but I will link what is available!

Thank you so much for reading!!!! I absolutely loved writing about this transformation for you, it's the simple and pretty DIY's that make me so happy! And I know not all projects are all about the HUGE changes or the expense, so I am content knowing this space was within the budget and a lot of love was put into it. 


Posted: 11/02/2022

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