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A Laundry room update

Hello! Happy Friday y'all!

I wanted to share with you our Laundry Room update!

Well first of all, I can't not show you the BEFORE again, because it's was just so nasty looking....









What we did (previously)

  • Built a homemade cabinet (Thanks so my awesome hubby!)
  • Added a shelf for storage
  • Tension rod for drying clothes (since we don't have an outdoor clothesline)
  • Organized storage/decor

The biggest change here is, we finally painted the room! It was painted in "agreeable grey" by BEHR paint in marque. As much as we love this color, most of our home is now painted in it. Prior, the color was a taupe which made the room feel blah because of the wood cabinet against it,  and well for my liking grey and white look much better in our home, I am not a fan of multiple browns/tans. NOW, the handmade cabinet shows off the grey walls surrounding! We love it!

See guys, a fresh coat of paint can easily change the whole room completely! I'm sorry this is short and sweet, but I couldn't wait to show you how the fresh coat coat of paint and a switch in decor instantly brightened the space!

For all of you who have those gorgeous spacious laundry rooms with a deep sink, lots of shelving, vibrant colored cabinets, ceramic tile, and the list goes on.... I have to tell myself, someday!!

Sorry, the sun was so bright, so I couldn't help with some of the shadows!! Eventually I will get a pro camera!

Have a nice weekend!

Posted: 05/31/2019

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