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A total stairway redo

Our home was built in 1998, and oak was a super popular thing back then. As much as I love how it was a trend, I wanted this focal point to be more like us and of course finish this entryway with a bang!!! I knew this staircase had a lot of potential when we toured this house prior to closing, It has a curved banister, open concept and is what you see as soon as you enter the entryway. So it was time to make this a statement for our entryway!

This project was an easy fix to transform the space, BUT was tedious and a longgg lasting project. It definitely took much longer than I had anticipated. 



Here is the process we did to complete our stairs:

1) We used 80 grit paper, and lightly went over everything.  

2) After vacuuming and wiping down everything, we applied 2 coats of primer to ensure all the paint was going to stick nicely. 

3) I started off with taping everything, then painting the banister and posts first. To be sure we could get upstairs easily while still working on this project, I painted every other step.

4) After all the black paint was fully dry I applied the 2nd coat and then moved onto doing the opposite steps.

5) The spindles and risers were the last to be painted.

6) Finished the painting process with adding some final touchups and applying a clear coat protectant to preserve the paint.

7) Cut to size and added foam padding to each step for some extra comfort under the feet. Btw knife didn't work but a good pair of scissors did the trick. 

8) Air nailed this stair runner with this nail gun (Thanks to my Father for letting us borrow!) Guys this stair runner is seriously GORGEOUS, it's even better in person!!! The design, the colors everything is so perfect about it! It compliments our stairs and flows flawlessly with our newly added floors!

For the paint, we used Extra White by Sherwin Williams (in semi-gloss matching our trim) and Tricorn Black by SW matching our front door. 


After: Completed project!!!!!

Though this project took much longer than I had originally thought it was well worth the wait! I can  say this has made a HUGE visual impact as soon as you step inside! It's now a cozy and welcoming space :) 

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If some of you are debating whether or not you should take the plunge to repaint your stairs, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not regret it, it's a super easy way to totally transform your space! And trust me you can do it! If your not feeling confident reach out to some friends/family (I'm sure there is someone with experience or would be happy to help) YouTube is also another good resource!

Thanks for reading! Happy Painting


Posted: 04/29/2022

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