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An office makeover!

Brittany was given the words of: I want to feel relaxed, a lake/beach feel, quotes, personal photos, and color! That's all it took and she went to action!


This office space was filled with not much other than a typical busy days worth of papers scattered, as well as some pens laying here and there, and a plain white clock sitting above with the hours just ticking away.


Gold contrast, Gold table lamp Gold contrast, Gold table lamp

A beautiful blue fresh coat of paint was applied to her accent wall on which the big open windows reside. Behind her desk, a unique and eye catching collage was created that includes a variety of different well designed, yet colorful frames that the client's favorite quotes occupy. Some fun unique mirrors were added, as well as a beautiful, well-made wall flower, a gold letter representing client's last name, and finally, a iron arrow that includes some blue to draw from the color of her accent wall. Below the collage sit two iron file/folder holders which were added for extra filing storage.

The most important space is right in front of where Vanessa sits! What was before an empty desk with lots of papers and pens laying around... is now an area that holds a vivid gold desk lamp, with a colorful green plant, a gold uniquely shaped pen holder, a sparkling, floral-designed picture frame, and a vintage, oak-colored file folder that holds a saying that represents Vanessa... "Be Inspired!" That is totally her. She is the one whom wants to be an inspiration to others and to be one where others can easily come to her!

Frames, plant view Frames, plant view

In that same area, behind the computer area are three unique and rustic frames that were attached on a bare cork board, and which personal pictures were also added too. Surrounding this is a vibrant, green-flowing succulent to add that nature and fresh feeling. Also there is a pleasant iron and wooden-made business card holder that came from across seas, which filled what was previously a clear and typical business card holder. A big open space had occupied the corner of her desk.... A smooth blue water color, a vase about waist high was placed with some white wooden sticks filling it inside to give it a woodsy and relaxing look. Aside it is a deep grey, three tier file/folder holder in which she will find very useful in her going in and out of meetings, here she can place items that she can easily come back too for quick access.

Gold! Gold is ever so classy, just like the client! Gold goes so well with her personality, it's beautiful! So how could gold not be added to this space? Three remarkably gold plastered medallions were placed in between the two light given windows! Those are the designer's favorite aspect!!! They give off an awesome contrast against the blue-hue wall. A simple table of four sits ahead of a big white board that now has a antique and lake feel instead of that plain white face which didn't hold before anything for use or decor. So instead a gold/iron tinted tray is situated on top with a full succulent residing.

Vanessa was a very sweet, pleasant, easy-going, and patient client to work with! I was very happy to hear that she is in love with her space, and it's everything that she required plus more! Enjoy your new office Vanessa! It was a pleasure working with you!

Posted: 07/07/2016

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