A simple and affordable way to upgrade your Garage doors!

Our home was built in the late 1990's and the previous owner took great care of it, both inside and out! We actually thought the home looked newer than 1998 when we first saw it because of how well the exterior presented!

Though the exterior is in immaculate condition, the garage doors needed to be updated.... They were just too plain and boring! I came across a few bloggers and pinterest inspo on this super EASY, SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE diy hack to transform your garage doors!!!!!!!!!!!!





We purchased these magnetic windows and magnetic hardware and hinges on amazon (they have a ton of options) and instantly they looked like brand new doors!! I tell ya small changes can make for huge transformations friends!

I have lost count how many people who have asked when we got new doors since we have moved in, and better yet it makes me so happy when all I have to do, is send them the link so they also can make this change and feel all the same excitement we did as well!

A $74 DIY hack is totally worth not having to spend $$$$ on doors that are already in great shape!

Authored by: Brittany Stevenson | Posted: 12/27/2021