How to upgrade that "little nook" for more practical use

Our stairwell "nook" got a big upgrade!!! And I couldn't be any happier with the outcome!

Honestly when we first moved into our home, we had no idea how to use the space that was by our stairs. So many ideas came to mind such as: reading nook, or a piece with storage, and some have mentioned about making it a coffee bar area. I love the idea of a coffee bar, but it didn't make sense to us to place that in a space that is outside of the breakfast nook/ kitchen area. Plus we already have one! :)






We originally had a little reading area in this space, and we never used it! So after much conversation and inspo from some instagram bloggers we knew just what to do! 




Spontaneously I would hop on google to do some "glass cabinet" shopping, and one evening the perfect one popped up that we could easily purchase through Home Depot. The original color of the cabinet was ivory with bronze/gold brushed handles, I knew that needed to change right away! I envisioned a space with a little pop of color to make it extra cozy and not feel so blah. 

I have been on a Accessible Beige kick lately.  We just used it in our entryway and absolutely love how it looks with our beautifully painted walls in Extra White by SW and our oak flooring, I knew I had some extra paint that I could use that for the cabinet. 


2 coats of paint in Accessible Beige by SW (in satin) and a can of Champagne Bronze spray paint totally changed the vibe of this piece! 

I have been wanting to jump on the stacked wall art wagon for the longest time but didn't have a space that was finished to do so... Well I knew this was the perfect space to add them! I found the beautiful wall art paintings from Hobby Lobby for 50% off!!! (I'm sorry I don't have a link for these specific paintings, but there are a ton on their website that you can certainly choose from!)


The last bigger piece added was the stool! I know Target had a stool that I have been keeping an eye on, but just couldn't justify paying almost $80 for it. On a whim I stopped in at HomeGoods to grab a kitchen item and just had to go check out the furniture area (I mean how can you not!) and sure enough there was the EXACT stool for $60 and I liked the finish better! Here is the stool that Target has for reference. 

I'm all about those deals friends! Spend a little more time finding that perfect piece and you never know where you'll find it and some $$ you can save!

Here are the links to decor/storage items used to fulfill the cabinet:

  • Rattan storage container (found at a local vendor)
  • Rattan baskets 
  • Wall art painting 
  • Dough bowl (found at a local vendor, but this dough bowl is very similar, but way more expensive than I paid)
  • Wooden bead garland 
  • Brown Vase w/greens (found at a local vendor )
  • Seagrass collapsible basket


I hope you enjoyed reading!! I had so much fun writing this blog for you, simply because this space just makes me so happy, and I couldn't wait to share! Stay tuned for the next BIG project I plan to tackle....... Painting our stairs!!!! 

Authored by: Brittany Stevenson | Posted: 02/20/2022