We are opening an Airbnb!!!


I am SO SO excited the news is finally out....... We are opening an Airbnb Y'all!! It's surreal to be actually typing this out right now.

Here is the back story: As most of you know I am a social bug, I just love meeting and being around people! So that being said it's always been a dream of mine to do something that will allow me to meet new people and be able to serve/host them because that is just one of my gifts. To go alongside that, my husband and I do a lot of traveling for fun, and anytime we travel we use Airbnb! We find they are just as cost effective as a hotel (you get a lot more for the buck) BUT they are much more cozier, you have your own space, and I really enjoy connecting with the hosts!

All this to say, we have been twirling the idea of opening an Airbnb! When we walked through this house, I knew our home had potential for that. The whole basement was previously used as in-law quarters so it was already set up as an apartment. After lots of conversation between hubby and I, we made the next step and contacted the Borough office. We applied and then had a borough meeting and unfortunately found some un-permitted work in the process which made it a whole lot more extensive. Fast forward we dealt with a thousand stressful calls, but got the un-permitted work fixed, re-applied, went through a 2nd meeting and our request got approved! What a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders, from here it was the fun part!

Side note: For anyone wanting to start up a short term rental or an Airbnb, If you are wanting to do it the right and honest way you are to go through your township/borough for getting approval. If  you don't and it gets noticed by others surrounding you and gets reported, it will be a massive fine and an immediate shut-down is what we have been told by many different boroughs. So please friends if you're planning to open a short term rental or Airbnb do the right thing. 

Peter and I have already made so much progress on the basement!!! All the painting is done, including the interior doors, fireplace whitewashed/mantel sanded down. Door knobs replaced, electrical outlets and covers replaced. Kitchen cabinets/doors and bathroom vanity sanded, primed and painted! We also just received some awesome and exciting deliveries that we are soon able to put to use, and Next is the flooring! We ordered what we need a few months back while we knew it was in stock (we are using the same flooring we placed in the main part of the house, because we love it so much!)

We definitely have a lot more things we need to get done, but we are making great head way and should be able to open this baby by Spring if not a tad sooner! We are so excited for this new journey and I am so happy to be able to share it with you.

Some of you are probably thinking: How are you going to operate this Airbnb when you are still working as a PTA and your husband also works full time? Great question! As of Mid Jan I will be reducing my schedule to Part time working 23 hours a week so that I have more time at home and be able to manage the Airbnb! This is something I am really looking forward to, it will also give me the opportunity to meet our guests as well. 

So please follow along on my instagram to see all the detailed updates! @homeonlakewood. You don't want to miss them.

Authored by: Brittany Stevenson | Posted: 12/24/2022