A guide to updating your home for Spring

Today I am sharing a few spring décor tips and ideas that will hopefully inspire you and bring a little bit of spring to your scroll! Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons to decorate for, it's bright, cheery, and full of color!

Spring decorating doesn't have to be complicated or pricey. Use what you have (or ya know, you could go do some thrifting) to create a look you love, filled with the fresh vibrancy of the spring season.

After those long long long... winter months, it always feels SO good to give your home a refresh, especially when it includes adding some color and brightness! It softens your home and makes it feel light and airy as well. 

Spring decorating isn't just Easter eggs and décor, it is so much more! Things like using fresh textures, pillows and blankets, placing subtle accents and the use of casual materials.

Spring Decorating Ideas!

Truly the best way to start off spring is by decluttering. There is no better feeling than reorganizing and getting rid of stuff you haven't used in a while! It allows your home to feel lighter and a lot more organized. Speaking of organization, just want to share that, yes that is my fav for sure! It definitely reduces my stress and allows me to feel more at ease. Organization includes things such as: labeling, adding hooks, baskets and so much more!

Introduce color

Release the winter hues and bring in your favorite spring tones! Subtle yellows, pinks, blues and greens set the stage. I'm not a bright color person, but if that is what you love, do it! Mix them into your decorating, it will bring your home to life!

Lighten the materials

Ahhh! Time to remove that heavy duvet/quilt and replace it with some lighter sheets and a lightweight throw blanket that's more breathable.

This makes such a difference visually but also for comfort with sleeping! The temps really fluctuate during this time of year, so it can be hard to know what exactly you'll need, heat or AC. But with some lighter sheets you can easily balance the temperature as needed!

Add those textures

Not only throw blankets, but also don't forget that pillows are an easy way to update and spruce up your space for each season. I find it's easier to get removable pillow covers, in doing that, I can switch them out pretty regularly, and also they are super easy to wash. Soft colors, linens, woven pillow covers add good texture for the spring season without overdoing it with color. 

I personally love mixing solids, stripes as well as florals all together:)


Add those pretty Flowers and Greenery!

Bring in those big fresh blooms, or faux flowers, along with some fresh branch saplings. There are so many different things that can bring your space to life, that also can add some dimension and variation at the same time. This is one of my favorite things to do, and quite frankly I do all of the above!

Right after we moved into our home 3 years ago we added a big perennial flower bed, filled with peonies and hydrangeas! I cannot get enough of them, in fact I clip off a couple stems each year and add them into our  home every few weeks, they bring so much joy! Either that, or sometimes I will also go to one of our local farm stands and bring in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 


Update your outdoor front porch

Simply add a full wreath, some planters and maybe even some lanterns/outdoor candles to make it extra cozy (if you have the space). Side note: Wreaths are so expensive, check out TJ Maxx/Ross, Marshalls, and Target; they all always have a solid selection, but save you some cash with affordable prices. 


Refresh your entryway


Again... grab some fresh flowers, branches or a new candle, it will instantly add a fresh spring feel. Definitely be sure to add some things you already have in your home, and then do some mixing and matching to try something fresh and new! 


Re-style shelves

This is an easy way to refresh a room, and all without having to do too much effort. Switching up accessories can help to breathe some new life into a space, and adding some bright and uplifting pieces will breathe some spring into your room.


I hope that all these simple spring décor ideas give you some inspiration for decorating your home when looking forward to spring, while still on a budget. Love y'all, thanks for reading!!!


Authored by: Brittany Stevenson | Posted: 02/19/2024